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Swiss cheese slow down hampers Emmi profits

Emmi, the Swiss publicly-traded dairy company, has hailed its 2004 full-year results as "encouraging", despite posting operating profit growth below analysts' expectations, Tom Armitage reports.

Dean Foods donates to further organic research

The growing organic business is gaining more attention from food manufacturers. In an effort to understand better the benefits of such products, Dean Foods and its WhiteWave Foods division have...

Bacteria holds key to dairy hygiene analysis

A study into microorganisms in raw milk has found that bacteria can be useful as routine indicators of on-farm hygiene practices.

Probiotic reduces gastric infection

A combination of lactic acid bacteria and a probiotic can help prevent gastric infection, according to research by the Institut Rosell.

DSM earnings improve in Q1

Sales and operating profit improve "considerably" in the first quarter for the food unit of Dutch chemicals and life sciences group DSM, the firm reports.

Dairy Crest rejects Morrisons rejig rumours

UK milk processor Dairy Crest has dismissed escalating reports that it is about to lose out on another contract to supply liquid milk to one of the country's leading multiple...

Dairy price hike keeps Nestlé sales on track

Nestlé, the world's biggest food and drink manufacturer, has announced a modest increase in Q1 profits after successfully offsetting rising raw material costs with price increases across the UK and...

When we eat, a risk factor in obesity?

Greater understanding of an internal clock that controls how much we eat, could contribute to the fight against obesity, say scientists, pinpointing "something deep within the brain."

PETA's Californian cattle claim collapses

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the animal rights charity, has had a legal action to ban "deceptive" Californian dairy advertisements thrown out of court, Tom Armitage reports....

US investigates cheddar price rigging allegations

The US' Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is to investigate allegations of cheddar cheese price rigging, said to have occurred at one of the country's most influential commodity trading centres,... scoops industry award's sister site has won website of the year in the 2005 Business Food and Drink Journalism awards.

Saputo completes cheese acquisition

Canadian dairy processor Saputo earlier this week completed its acquisition of Fromage Cote and Distributions Kingsley.

EFSA delivers opinion on harmful foodborne bacteria

EFSA scientific experts tackle the presence of harmful foodborne bacteria Clostridium perfringens and C. botulinum, compiling an opinion on the risk these spore-forming bacteria pose.

Arla, Campina disband prospective dairy deal

Arla Foods and Campina, two of Europe's largest dairy co-operatives, have abandoned their much-hyped plans to merge, after failing to secure the confidence of their respective boards, Tom Armitage reports.

New Zealand, Thailand sign free trade pact

New Zealand and Thailand have signed a free trade agreement, aimed at removing a raft of strict regulatory requirements and trade tariffs - two areas which have previously hampered food...

Glanbia secures second Irish butter deal

Irish food group Glanbia and dairy co-operative Connaught Gold will soon be able to reap synergy benefits, after agreeing to share some elements of their dairy processing operations, Tom Armitage...

Dairy sector sees profit in gene-transfer technology

Gene-transfer technology used to produce dairy cows capable of resisting a widespread bacterial infection could help dairy producers increase yields.

Danisco, Genencor deal goes ahead

Ingredients firm Danisco on the way to the number two global enzyme spot after the same German regulatory authorities that delayed the deal give the green light, reports Lindsey Partos.

Ben & Jerry's sees profit in fair trade ice-cream

Ben & Jerry's last week claimed to be the first ice-cream maker in the US to produce an ice-cream made with fair-trade coffee, suggesting that ethically traded commodities can be...

Dairy industry lobbies for health claims approval

Milk, cheese and dairy products could soon carry generic health claims, providing they are approved by a panel of health and nutrition experts, Tom Armitage reports.

Dairy calcium has 'no effect' on weight

A study into whether increased intake of dairy calcium reduces weight and fat mass, as previous research had suggested, concluded negatively.

Dairy, bread and juice driving functional Russia

Russia's dairy, bread and juice sectors are driving a raft of novelty product innovations aimed at inspiring Russia's functional food sector, offering opportunities for companies looking for more value-added products,...

Illegal dairy feed ingredient unlikely to pose risk, says EFSA

Vulnerabilities in the international food chain are evident as an unapproved genetically modified corn leaks into feed, flour and oils; but Europe's food safety agency says this week the illegal...

Food industry fears coming of traffic light labelling

Could concern over obesity lead to significant changes in the regulations governing food labelling and see the implementation of a traffic light system, asks Anthony Fletcher.

Cloned beef, dairy cattle produce receives safety endorsement

A team of US and Japanese researchers have declared that milk and meat from cloned cattle are likely to be safe for human consumption, although stressed that research in this...

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