Mueller to revamp milk market

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Adding a range of quirky flavours two or three times a year, and
for a limited period only, is Mueller's latest idea when it comes
to revitalising the ready-to-drink milk market in Germany.

German dairy group Alois Mueller has announced plans for a complete overhaul of the German milk market with the launch of a range of innovative new products.

Over the next year, the Augsburg-based company said it planned to introduce a number of new products to its Muellermilch range, with new limited-edition flavours being added to range at least twice a year.

The new Muellermilch Limitiert products will offer a wider choice of product to consumers, as well revitalising the milk-drinking experience, the company said.

The Limitiert range will be "clearly different"​ from the existing Muellermilch range and other milk drink products, and will feature a range of unusual taste combinations such as milk and mint and milk and walnut.

The new brand is designed to appeal not only to new drinkers but also to consumers who know and appreciate the existing Muellermilch brand but who are looking for something a little different.

The constantly changing range of products - all of which are available for just a short time - is designed to maintain consumer interest in the brand throughout the year, as well as generating increased sales for the traditional Muellermilch brand.

The first two variants were launched in Germany on 1 October, and are available in the traditional 500ml packs used for the main Muellermilch brand.

The next new variants will be launched in March and September 2003, and all the launches will be supported by significant marketing expenditure.

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