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Italy's leading maker of organic fresh pasta has entered the
probiotics market, doubling the health potential of its organic

Italy's leading maker of organic fresh pasta has entered the probiotics market adding an organic yoghurt to its new dairy foods range.

Biorigin's whole milk and skimmed milk fruit yoghurt is made with milk from herds in the Lombard plain with added probiotic bacteria, Streptococcus thermophilus​ and Lactobacillus bulgaricus​.

The probiotics help preserve the intestinal flora and gut health and also improve absorption of calcium and phosphorous. The addition of toasted barley also contributes to the health value, adding protein that produces glutamic acid, important for mental function, and limiting absorption of fat in the intestine.

Biorigin yoghurt also comes with organic strawberries, adding vitamin C to the other vitamins found in yoghurt - B, E and K.

Probiotic yoghurts are no longer a novelty product in supermarket dairy shelves, but in combination with organic ingredients, manufacturers can position the product as 'all-natural' aswell as 'healthy'. The Italian and German organic dairy product markets are forecast to show the highest growth in Europe between 2002 and 2007, according to Organic Monitor.Italy also has the largest amount of organic farmland in Europe with 1.23 million hectares.

Biorigin's​ core activity is fresh pasta but last year it launched organic Mozzarella and Ricotta. The yoghurts are packed in 500ml glass bottles with aluminium caps, suitable for recycling. Available in Italian supermarkets, they retail at around €3.50.

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