Multipurpose milk tester designed for high-speed analysis

By Neil Merrett

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The development of a new testing device for milk products allows
for rapid analysis of a variety of different factors without
compromising accuracy, according to its manufacturer.

Foss claims that its Milkoscan FT+ analyser can test up to 600 milk samples per hour for almost any parameter, from unsaturated fatty acids and proteins to pH levels, whether the product is derived from cows, buffalo, sheep or goats. The new model is able to perform what the company calls advanced services such as profiling milk in regards to the levels of poly and mono unsaturated fatty acids present. The manufacturer says that increasing sophistication within consumer taste and rising production costs of energy and raw materials has heightened pressure on processors to improve operational efficiency. Broad testing ​ Aside from targeting health concerns relating to fatty-acid concentration in milk, the company says that the product's main purpose is to offer broad high-speed analysis at a specific temperature. As part of the design for Milkoscan FT+, a spokesperson for Foss claims that the analyser uses a self-cleaning pipette to ensure that automated checking can be maintained on even products like sheep's milk, which boast a higher fat content. Tailored production ​ A RFID reader can also be used during testing to trace samples back to source to reduce concerns over compromised batches of product, the group says. WinISI software is also included in the tester to calibrate the device to the specific requirements of individual processors. As part of this focus on tailored manufacturing needs, additional Foss Milkoscan technology like casein measurement systems were also able to be used, which is particularly important in ensuring profitability in cheese production, the manufacturer says. Erik Plauborg, head of Foss' dairy division said that the new technology was part of the company's ongoing development to ensuring a higher milk quality standard for its customers. "We have already received good feedback from test sites particularly with respect to speed, capacity and the flexibility to handle milk from sheep, buffalo and goats,"​ he stated. The MilkoScan FT+ is fully complaint with International Dairy Federation (IDF) and AOAC requirements, Foss said.

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