Which nations are the dairy growth markets of tomorrow?

By Fiona Barry

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Scroll down the page for our interactive graphic
Scroll down the page for our interactive graphic
Which untapped region is set to become tomorrow's crucial dairy market?'s interactive guide shows the countries with most dairy growth in the last five years, and predicts which nations will be future dairy demand hotspots.

We spoke to Caroline Roux, Global Dairy Analyst with research firm Mintel. She explained the unique factors driving increased dairy consumption in parts of Asia, and told us which former giants are falling behind.

By hovering over the countries on our interactive global map, which is loading below, you can compare past growth rates of dairy retail markets with predictions for their future.

Roux found Asia to be a powerful centre of growth, which is only picking up speed.

However, factors for increased compound annual growth rates differed between countries, she found.

While in India and China, changing consumption is driven by the new middle-class, in Indonesia and South Korea, health benefits are key, Roux said.

"The retail yogurt market is one of the largest food markets in South Korea, behind other staples such as rice, processed fish, snacks, instant noodles and sweet bakery. Drinking yogurt represents 78% of the yogurt retail market by value, which was worth KRW1,826 billion ($1.6 billion) in 2011. Products are highly sophisticated in terms of marketing claims (1/3 of drinking yogurts launched since 2010, and 2/3 of those launched between January and August 2013, have offered some digestion benefits, often based on their probiotic content) and as such are relatively expensive," ​she explained.

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