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Trade deals such as the impending Brexit, and NAFTA renegotiations were among the economic issues affecting dairy in 2017.

Optimism and issues - an interesting year for dairy

By Jim Cornall

Farmgate prices went up a bit in 2017, although not as much as farmers hoped, and value-added products continued to dominate companies’ strategy to get more money from raw milk.

DairyReporter's Dairy Innovation webinar will cover topics on new product development, R&D, trends, and what constitutes true innovation in the dairy industry.

DairyReporter Dairy Innovation webinar

Dairy Innovation webinar tomorrow

By Jim Cornall

How can dairy companies launch products that are truly innovative? Tomorrow’s Dairy Innovation webinar (Wednesday, December 13), hosted by DairyReporter, will put the spotlight on opportunities for growth in the dairy industry.

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Feed Protein Innovation

Dairy processing waste to protein rich duckweed

By Jane Byrne

Scientists in Ireland are working on a process to produce duckweed for use in animal feed by capturing essential nutrients in wastewater from dairy processing plants.

Campbell Soup Company spots 6 trends for 2018. Picture: Campbell's.

5th annual CCBI Culinary TrendScape report

Campbell’s six food trends for 2018

By Jenny Eagle

The chefs at Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute (CCBI) have identified their top six food trends for 2018.

NadaMoo! dairy-free brand could extend beyond frozen desserts, says CEO

Plant-based ‘milk’ debate is a ‘bunch of rubbish’

NadaMoo! dairy-free brand could extend beyond frozen desserts, says CEO

By Elaine Watson

The NadaMoo! coconut milk fueled dairy-free brand – which has been growing at an explosive, triple-digit pace over the past three years – is exploring moves beyond the frozen case into new plant-based categories, says its CEO.