All news articles for September 2019

Meiji Dairies (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is scheduled to start production in the second half of FY March 2023. Pic: Getty Images/fpdress

Meiji sets up Meiji Dairies in China

By Jim Cornall

Japanese dairy company Meiji Co., Ltd. has set up Meiji Dairies (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a China-based company that will produce and sell Meiji’s milk and yogurt products in the China.

Super Cubes, founded in 2018, has a product range of natural smoothies across multiple product SKUs.

Keytone to acquire Super Cubes

By Jim Cornall

Keytone Dairy Corporation Ltd has acquired the assets, brands and business of 40Forty Foods Pty Limited, trading under the Super Cubes brand, for A$726,000 (US$496,000) plus an earn-out, subject to performance milestones.

Craig Piggott, chief executive of Halter.

Nearing its launch, Halter promises to take the pressure off dairy farmers using Pavlovian theory

Kiwi start-up pioneers collar for ‘remote-controlled cows’

By Richard Whitehead

“We just wanted to find a better way to do things, to solve a lot of the issues farmers have around finding good-quality pasture and having enough hours in the day,” says Craig Piggott, chief executive of Halter.

Bellamy’s will become an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of Mengniu after the proposed acquisition.

Mengniu looks to buy Bellamy’s

By Jim Cornall

China Mengniu Dairy’s board has entered into a Scheme Implementation Deed with Australian infant formula maker Bellamy’s.

Producing the Plant Butter generates less than half the greenhouse gas emissions that producing dairy butter does.

Country Crock introduces butter alternative

By Beth Newhart

After 30 years of manufacturing plant oil ‘buttery spreads,’ Country Crock has introduced a line of certified dairy-free spreads and sticks products.

Arla will be the commercial partner in the project that will purchase, collect, process and bring the local milk to market.

Arla commits to sustainable dairy sector in Nigeria

By Jim Cornall

In a new public-private partnership in Nigeria, dairy cooperative Arla Foods is developing a long-term sustainable dairy industry and local dairy sector in Nigeria by helping 1,000 small scale farmers create better livelihoods while strengthening its...

“For people who don’t really know dairy, it’s a bit of a hard sell to convince them of the problem of acid whey.

Capro-X reimagines Greek yogurt waste

By Beth Newhart

Each cup of Greek yogurt generates more than three cups of acid whey waste, which is expensive to dispose of sustainably. Startup Capro-X says it offers more cost-effective, creative solutions to the problem.

Can we meet customer expectations regarding flavor, texture, health and sustainability of plant-based products? Pic: NIZO

Overcoming the challenges of plant protein application


The use of alternative proteins offers a perfect solution to a more sustainable food production system. Customers are ready to embrace this trend, but will only do so if taste, texture and health remain uncompromised.