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Beverage and Dairy Treatment 2015

Beverage and Dairy Treatment 2015

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Demand for higher quality, longer-lasting juices, smoothies, teas, dairy-based drinks and other healthy beverages is driving beverage brands and fillers to invest in new processing and packaging technology.

Beverage and Dairy Treatment 2015 explores breakthrough process technologies including HPP, aseptic/ESL examining the cost/benefit of each technology in terms of CAPEX, OPEX, the demands of line cleaning, packaging treatment, energy use, line speed, scalability and staff training.

Scientists, consultants and brand owners will assess the performance and prospects for these technologies and their all-important packaging impact. How are they sparking growth in ‘hot’ or high-performing global beverage and liquid dairy categories?
Products benefiting from recent technologies include RTD teas, functional waters, added-value beverages with fruit pieces, ‘purer’ fruit and vegetable juices, while added-value dairy drinks are carving out a lucrative niche.
Our online event will probe these complex issues to supply the answers you need, whether you’re a brand keen to choose the right technology for your product, a filler planning a new line investment or a processing and packaging supplier keeping step with market trends.