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Blow-molding solutions for all plastic packages

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Blow-molding solutions for all plastic packages

Whether rotary (SBO Universal™) or linear (SBO Compact™), Sidel's™ new generation blow molding machines are based on the company's well-known experience in plastic bottle production and on know-how acquired over more than two decades.


Available for output rates ranging from 3,000 to 60,000 bottles per hour, Sidel's™ blow molding machines can be adapted to the specific requirements of still and carbonated water, carbonated and sensitive drinks, sauces and detergents.

In addition to standard bottle production for still and carbonated drinks, Sidel™ blow molding machines also produce plastic packages in a wide variety of shapes for diverse applications: heat resistant bottles, wide mouth packages, flat or complex shaped packages (preferential heating).


Packages ranging in size from 0.25 L up to 3 L can be produced on standard equipment, and specially engineered machines can accommodate containers up to 10 L in size.

Sidel's™ blow molding machines can produce PET or PP packages at similar rates with no machine configuration modification required.

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