Meeting today’s COST, TEXTURE and NUTRITION challenge

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Dairy products development is being driven by multiple innovative trends, from taste and texture improvement to health and sustainable development.Cost optimisation is also a major factor. Raw material price volatility requires constant attention – as do nutritional charters. In this context, it is vital to select the right ingredients to achieve both the best taste and texture and the product originality and marketability that goes with them.In this webinar, Roquette food experts are ready to present breakthrough solutions and tested concepts and recipes to help dairy products developers meet the cost, texture and nutrition challenges they face today – not least in the creation of food that delivers a great taste experience.


Bertrand Rodriguez Bertrand Rodriguez Corporate Scientific Communications Coordinator for Nutrition

Dior Sawaya Dior Sawaya Market Development Manager

Hélène Delamare Hélène Delamare Market Development Manager

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