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N-Dulge™ in captivating creaminess

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N-Dulge™ in captivating creaminess

Consumers love creamy textures. They give luxurious indulgence and comforting freshness. Achieving the right level of creaminess can boost a product's appeal and lend cachet in a crowded market.

But what does creamy mean for you? The texture of a rich ice cream is not the creaminess sought for the custard in a rich pastry. Equally, the sensuality required in a chocolate dessert is like velvet, quite distinct from the creamy freshness of a cool smoothie.

Make the successful connection
National Starch Food Innovation​ translates consumer desires into specific product attributes. In addition, we match the optimal level of creaminess with other critical textural attributes to enhance the overall eating experience. We then make the final connection for product success with our range of N-Dulge co-texturising systems.

These specialty starches are designed to provide a variation of body, meltaway and mouthcoating - the key sensory characteristics for creamy textures.


We target a specific combination of mouthcoating and meltaway to deliver the desired texture profile. It is this expertise that provides consumers with the ultimate eating experience.

Our range of N-Dulge texture solutions allows manufacturers to:

maintain the existing texture of their product while reducing fat content or cost

create a unique level of creaminess for a new formulation.

N-Dulge C 1​ Delivers unique creaminess and smoothness in high moisture foods. This co-texturiser is an effective fat mimetic in low fat applications, enabling manufacturers to create low fat products with the same body, mouthcoating and meltaway as their full fat equivalents. Ideal for dairy desserts, sauces, bakery fillings and ice cream.

N-Dulge C 2 ​ This co-texturiser has been developed to offer an oily, smooth sensation to less viscous, high moisture foods. N-Dulge C 2 combines low viscosity with good mouthcoating properties and fast meltaway for applications such as pourable / squeezable sauces, dairy desserts and drinks, fruit fillings and frozen desserts. This ingredient is suitable for low fat alternatives within these application areas.

N-Dulge CA1 ​ This ingredient is suitable for instant dry mix applications as well as spoonable sauces, béchamel sauces, dairy puddings, cream cheese and low fat spreads. N-Dulge CA1 has excellent mouthcoating properties resulting in lusciously creamy textures with long-lasting, even meltaway.

N-Dulge SA1 ​ Designed to support the development of soft set structures, this co- texturiser and fat replacemer provides excellent meltaway. Ideal for use in high and low moisture products, N-Dulge SA1 is suitable for low fat applications where it mimics the structure and meltaway of soft fats. Application areas for this ingredient include fresh dairy desserts, sour cream, cream cheese, low fat spreads and squeezable sauces. N-Dulge SA1 is especially suitable for low fat formulations where creaminess and meltaway are key criteria driving consumer preference.


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