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Reduce your cheese storage time with Nutrilac® FastRipe

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Huge amounts of money are committed when continental- and cheddar-type cheeses are stored while being ripened ready for sale.

Depending on the exact cheese type, ripening time ranges from 3-4 weeks to more than a year. Although ripening is a vital part of creating the perfect cheese, it can also be quite a costly period, with huge amounts of money committed to storing the ripening cheese.

Nutrilac®​ FastRipe, also known as Nutrilac®​ CH-4560, is an easy-to handle, all-natural ingredient for natural cheeses, specially designed for speeding up ripening time without affecting the final flavour, texture or shelf life of the cheese.

One of the most important things to note for you as a cheese producer is that the overall cheese-making process is not affected by adding Nutrilac®​ CH-4560. The only change is the addition of powder and the final shortening of the ripening period – a clear and simple benefit!

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