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Ripen your cheese to huge cost savings

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Ripen your cheese to huge cost savings

Ripen your cheese to huge cost savings


Nutrilac®FastRipe from Arla Foods Ingredients is a natural milk protein that enables cheese-makers to reduce ripening time and save thousands of euros every year.


Unlike other ripening agents – such as cultures and enzymes – Nutrilac®FastRipe does not break down proteins excessively, which means shelf life is not shortened ​and taste is not impaired


In other words your storage costs are cut ​by speeding up ​the maturation process – by anything from one to six weeks​, depending on cheese type. Put even more specific:


A dairy company producing 10,000 tonnes of Gouda per year​, and adding 0.25% Nutrilac® FastRipe to its recipe, could reduce storage time ​by 3 weeks and save ​€12.10 per tonne of cheese produced ​– or €121,000 annually​.


You´ll get the same cheese – just faster


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