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Sidel complete line engineering approach

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Sidel complete line engineering approach

A packaging line is a single entity that only functions correctly if all of its parts - machines, conveyors and peripheral equipment - are working properly and together as a whole.

Sidel considers your line to be a global, integrated system. From civil engineering to defining utilities and packaging solutions, Sidel's know-how encompasses the entire line.


Greater than the sum of individual machine performances, your line's overall performance is the product of their interactions.

Sidel deems any modification within the context of the line and its impact on overall performance and develops complete industrial solutions to optimize your Total Cost of Ownership and maximize your Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Integrated, automated installations

Sidel's expertise in complete lines comes from the perfect blend of engineering know-how and high-performance equipment and services.

Sidel gives you access to advanced technologies and processes at every step in your line's operation from processing to blowing, filling, labeling, conveying, secondary packaging, and palletizing.

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