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Simonazzi™ and Sidel™: the art of filling

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Simonazzi™ and Sidel™: the art of filling

Now that Simonazzi has joined the Sidel Group, its range of fillers is the most complete and highest quality in the world.

Simonazzi™ and Sidel™ fillers guarantee top performances both as regards speed and quality precision filling. Together they provide one of the most complete ranges available on the market from a single supplier in terms of:

- products treated​: the range includes fillers dedicated to water, carbonated soft drinks, beer, sensitive products, liquid dairy products, and viscous products with pieces or pulp reach the highest standards in terms of hygiene, productivity, speed, and reliability.

- containers​: the range includes fillers for plastic bottles (one way and returnable), glass (one way and returnable), and cans;

- filling systems​: the range includes machines with an isobaric system (with pre-evacuation, double pre-evacuation, self-leveling, flushing), gravity filling, high vacuum and low vacuum, mechanical volumetric, volumetric flow meter, gravity weight;

- types and number of valves​: the range of machines is equipped with mechanical and/or electronic valves. The number of valves ranges from 16 to 180;

- output​: from 3,000 to more than 120,000 containers per hour.

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