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Sidel issues fraud alert

False e-mail addresses using employee signatures

Sidel issues fraud alert

By Jenny Eagle

Sidel has issued a warning after several customers, suppliers and key partners were the target of Internet-based fraud attempts.

New dairy culture sees explosive drinking yoghurt growth


New dairy culture sees explosive drinking yoghurt growth

By RJ Whitehead

For years a laggard in the dairy stakes, China is now seeing massive growth in its yoghurt drinks market largely because of significant investment and new demand for healthier drinks on the go.

Breast is best: Punjab gov sets new infant formula labelling rules

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Labelling of infant formula sold in the Pakistani department of Punjab must now include the warning “mother’s milk is the best food for your baby and helps in preventing diarrhoea and other illnesses,” according to new prohibition and guidance rules released...

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