Yogurt and Desserts

Yasso co-founders Amanda Klane and Drew Harrington identified a gap in the market, and cashed in very, very quickly....

Big interview: Drew Harrington and Amanda Klane, co-founders, Yasso

Get him to the Greek! The meteoric rise of Yasso

By Elaine WATSON

It’s a runaway success story that will either inspire budding entrepreneurs across the nation or have them seething with jealousy... But it’s hard to think of a better example of a product that hit the market just at the right time.

Currently allowable EU probiotic marketing ...zilch...although compliance is another matter

Euromonitor “shocked” by EU probiotic decline

By Shane Starling

After years and even decades of healthy to rampant growth in the European Union, the probiotics sector has entered decline, with a flat economy and health claim ban seen as the likely culprits.

Chobani’s global ambitions: Too much, too young?


Chobani’s global ambitions: Too much, too young?

By Mark Astley

At just seven years old, Chobani is a poster boy in the eyes of some, a market-devouring monster in the eyes of others. The New York-based Greek yogurt giant’s expansion plans in North America, Europe and Australasia are ambitious. But is it taking on...

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