Yogurt and Desserts

Yoghurt can aid lactose maldigestion if it contains at least 108CFU (colony forming units)

How to win yoghurt health claims: “Keep it simple”

By Shane Starling

“Keeping it simple and straightforward” is the takeaway message from a new report targeting yoghurt makers in search of health claim success within the European Union’s strict new claims regime.

Ohio governor John Kasich checks out the facilities at Minster

Dannon to pump almost $90m into Ohio yogurt plant

By Elaine Watson

Almost $89m will be pumped into Dannon’s Minster yogurt plant in Ohio over the next three years as parent company Danone attempts to step up a gear and drive US yogurt sales beyond the 10 percent annual growth it has notched up over the past seven or...

Gourmet yogurt firm bids for £2m turnover

Gourmet yogurt firm bids for £2m turnover

By Ben Bouckley

A New Zealand entrepreneur is building a new factory near Norwich to exploit rising UK demand for gourmet yogurts and reach a £2m turnover within 18 months.

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