CSK food enrichment

CSK food enrichment

The right impact on taste & texture

Who are we?

CSK food enrichment develops, manufactures and delivers ingredients to the dairy industry. With a track record of more than 100 years in the Dutch dairy, CSK has grown into an international B2B player. CSK is recognized as a highly competent and reliable partner with great technical skills and experience in dairy production.


We take our customers' process and products as a starting point and provide well-considered choices and tailor-made solutions. Our customers can rely on CSK for the best dairy ingredients for desired taste, texture and preservation. Further CSK offers continuous support in the development and improvement of dairy products. CSK’s ambition is to partner with our customers as pro-active co-innovator.

Our customers can not only depend on CSK for good ingredients, but also for support in the development and improvement of new or existing products. CSK's aim is to strengthen its status as partner with its customers. The core values of this is doing business together, open lines of communication and a proactive approach.


CSK works with a customer-based focus on selecting and implementing the right ingredients for your product and your production process.

Our range consists of the following product groups:

  • Cultures
  • Cheese coating
  • Coagulants(natural, microbial)
  • Lactic acid permeate and lactic acid distillate
  • Culture media

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