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With over 80 years of fermentation expertise and the use of natural raw materials to produce exceptional food and beverage ingredients, Corbion Purac has a wealth of expertise in the world of biobased food ingredients.

Our extensive portfolio combined with leading expertise, application knowledge and technical service make us your food industry partner, helping solve food integrity issues by providing improvements in shelf life, freshness and food safety.

Corbion Purac dairy solutions. Naturally.

Combining clear understanding of the complex, global dairy market with a wide range of innovative products, Corbion Purac is the ideal partner for dairy product development. Our ingredients are produced from renewable agricultural products and are used in a broad range of processed foods and beverages.

Our products have been used by dairy producers for decades to:

• Enhance shelf life through increased control of spoilage organisms
• Increase food safety by controlling the growth of bacteria
• Improve overall quality, such as flavor enhancement
• Increase nutritional value through mineral fortification

Corbion Purac products are effective in a broad range of dairy applications, including:

• Non ripened cheese such as ricotta, mozzarella, cottage cheese
• Processed cheese
• Yoghurt
• (Sour) Cream
• Desserts
• (Acidified) Milk beverages

Milk the benefits of working with a dependable partner and tap into unique propositions that can perfect your products and help save on your own R&D

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