DSM Dairy Fabuless™


 Fabuless, from DSM Food Specialties, is an entirely natural, breakthrough weight management ingredient. It is a patent protected combination of palm and oat oils (both naturally occurring lipids) that are formulated in a novel emulsion.






 The Fabuless mechanism






 Fabuless helps control food intake by triggering the body's natural appetite control mechanism. Clinically proven to prolong a feeling of satiety, the slow digestion of the oat fraction enables Fabuless to penetrate deep into the intestinal system. When digestion starts at this delayed stage, the human system identifies a relatively high level of undigested fat. This encourages the body to suppress its hunger signals. As a result, consumers feel more satiated than they would otherwise have been.






 Fabuless features






As weight management becomes more of an issue for consumers and governments, Fabuless represents a significant new product development opportunity for food manufacturers. Fabuless helps people eat less without the sacrifices usually associated with dieting or diet products. As well as its weight management properties, the structure and composition of Fabuless also delivers beneficial textural properties such as improved mouthfeel and creaminess.






 A Fabuless first






 Launched in 2005, Fabuless has been specifically designed for use in dairy applications, such as yogurt, milk and slimming shakes, and has already been incorporated into successful product launches in Europe.






With a comprehensive portfolio of market leading ingredients, DSM Food Specialties is one of the world's foremost suppliers of dairy and savoury ingredients as well as functional foods and enzymes.