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GEA Procomac S.p.A. designs, manufactures and installs complete aseptic flling lines for sensitive products (such as juices, isotonic drinks, tea, milk and milk-based beverages with and without particulates up to 10x10x10 mm) and traditional flling lines for water and CSD in PET bottles.

Recognized leading company in the sensitive beverage filling field with over 150 aseptic lines installed worldwide, GEA Procomac has introduced a range of fillers specifically designed for dairy industry. These machines with a capacity from 6.000 bph to 48.000 bph can fill HDPE or PET bottles with UHT milk or milk based products with shelf life up to 12 months or ESL with shelf life up to 120 days, with no limits as far as shape and dimensions are concerned, thanks to an innovative handling system called “NeckFlex”.

The ideal machines for filling solutions dedicated to PET is ABF for UHT products and ABF 4C for ESL products, where 4C means Clean, Cold Chain, Carbonated in order to summarize all possible ESL or ultraclean applications in PET world.

Thanks to R&D activities, that the company has always considered to be essential to ensure its position as a technology leader, GEA Procomac has recently introduced the Aseptic Dual Filling system, composed by an Aseptic Piston Doser PX and a standard Aseptic filler for clear products, suitable for the filling of PET bottles with products containing particulates up to 10x10x10 mm.

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