Genetix Ltd

Molecular Devices

Genetix technologies drive cell identification and selection, from biopharmaceuticals to clinical diagnostics, bringing new efficiencies to biotherapeutic discovery. 
Genetix Ariol system enables study of tumors at the protein biomarker level. Identifying biomarkers as potential targets, allows the development of a therapeutic using an antibody generating system, like Genetix phage display technology, or a library of cell fusions on ClonePix FL , automating the screening process for candidate protein therapeutics. 
ClonePix FL rapidly screens large numbers of cells, with multiple antigens, isolating the highest value clones, increasing the chances of finding cells producing superior molecules. Significantly shortening timescales to days, by screening a thousand colonies/hour, ClonePix FL simplifies cell culture, turning large scale screening into a bench-top process, delivering a powerful return on investment. 
Important selection criteria for production cell lines are that a large number of transfectants must be screened for production capacity and selected cell lines are stable. ClonePix FL automates the crucial colony selection process, isolating mammalian clones based upon protein expression and speed of cell growth, delivering high yielding, stable, robust cells suitable for scale-up to biopharmaceutical manufacturing. 
It is crucial to quality control cells entering biotherapeutics production, CytoVision automatically finds and analyses karyotypes for genetic integrity, reducing the time taken and providing electronic records. 
Obtaining maximum information about a compounds therapeutic potential before entering clinical trials requires the measurement of parameters such as survival and disease progression and biomarker analysis. Ariol combines immunohistochemistry, measuring protein levels in tissues, with cytogenetics, measuring gene copy number. Change in particular biomarkers can then be used to monitor therapeutic responses predicting the effectiveness of particular treatments. Genetix technologies - tracking the process of drug discovery from the research laboratory through to the clinic.