Gerstenberg Schröder A/S

Gerstenberg Schroder

Gerstenberg Schröder A/S (GS) develops, manufactures and installs modern, high-efficient and reliable processing lines for the food industry, especially for the production of crystallized fat products like margarine, butter, spreads and shortenings. GS also delivers process lines for emulsified food products such as mayonnaise, sauces and dressings.

The main focus of GS is to be the preferred partner when the food industry demands the scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHEs) for the manufacturing of food products, e.g. for crystallization process of margarine or for starch cooking of mayonnaise. The SSHEs manufactures by GS are known in the market under the names Kombinator, Perfector, Consistator® and Nexus.

Process knowledge and process expertise exist in all departments in GS, even in the top management. By spreading expertise throughout the organization concerning the business of GS customers, extra value is added as every enquiry will be met with an understanding of the customers’ business, needs and challenges. The process expertise, the understanding for the needs of the food industry and the technical knowledge are the major drives of the development work in GS.

In addition to supplying processing plants and machinery, GS also offers a comprehensive package of expert services designed to help you maintain and optimize the performance of your installation and products.

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