National Starch Food Innovation

National Starch Food Innovation

National Starch Food Innovation is a leading global supplier of nature-based functional and nutritional ingredients and ingredient systems. The company boasts an extensive range of versatile ingredients that can improve processing, eating quality, visual appeal, nutritional value and more in foods and beverages. National Starch Food Innovation has a strong focus on delivering innovation to meet market and consumer trends in four innovation areas:

  • Textural innovation

    Texture plays a key role in influencing the overall eating experience. As such, it is the most important dimension in new product development and a vital tool in responding to consumer needs. National Starch Food Innovation's texture experts can help create exciting, unique textures to differentiate products in a competitive market.

  • Wholesome, natural ingredient solutions

    National Starch Food Innovation is driving the development of nature-based ingredient solutions that enhance the natural quality of pre-prepared foods. Its functional ingredients respond to consumer preferences for clean label, organic and wholesome foods.

  • Nutrition / wellness / vitality

    National Starch Food Innovation's nutritional ingredient solutions are valued by consumers and health professionals, and supported by a wealth of published nutritional studies. The company's areas of expertise span the fields of dietary fibre, energy management and digestive health. Easy-to-use ingredients are offered with full technical, marketing and labelling guidance.

  • Delivery systems

    National Starch Food Innovation offers a range of high performance ingredients for the effective delivery of flavours, vitamins and actives, and for the stabilisation of beverage and other food emulsions.

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