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UAE dairy firm Al Ain expecting 30% sales increase during Ramadan

UAE dairy firm expecting Ramadan sales explosion

By Mark Astley

Dairy processors in the Islamic world are preparing themselves for the annual Ramadan-driven sales explosion, as Muslims stock-up daily on fresh foods including dairy.

India says no to Chinese milk for another year

India says no to Chinese milk for another year

By Ankush Chibber

Chinese milk products still cannot make the hop over the Himalayas to the booming Indian market with the company’s authorities calling for an extension on a ban on them.

Al Ain Dairy eyeing export market following $135m investment

UAE dairy giant eyes camel milk export explosion

By Mark Astley

Developed market demand for camel milk products looks set to help drive the export ambitions of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) largest milk producer in coming years.

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