Grated Parmesan cheese. Photo: iStock - HandmadePictures

Shredded Parmesan market growing despite wood pulp controversy

By Douglas Yu

After various media outlets reported that much of the shredded 100% Parmesan cheese in the US contains wood pulp this past week, sources told DairyReporter that the shredded Parmesan cheese is safe, and that the market will continue to grow.

Professor Kessler: 'To the harried shopper hoping to make some healthy choices, this label would offer a quick way of identifying high-calorie, obesity-inducing food'

Proposals don't consider a product's overall nutritional value, says professor

Former FDA commissioner: Nutrition Facts overhaul doesn’t go far enough

By Elaine Watson

FDA proposals to overhaul the Nutrition Facts panel on food labels are “strong” and “likely to make an important contribution”, says former FDA commissioner David Kessler, M.D. “But I believe they don't go far enough.”

Picture: Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company

Cheese producer responds to FDA consent decree

By Joseph James Whitworth

A New York cheese producer hit with a consent decree of permanent injunction due to Listeria contamination has said it was unclear on what needed to be done to be in compliance.

FDA terror attack dairy

Public meeting in California

Are dairy producers prepared to tackle terrorism?

By Rachel Arthur

The dairy industry has been instrumental in protecting the food supply chain from terrorism, the FDA says, as it looks to introduce rules to defend food supplies. 

FDA facing court over failure to respond to raw milk petition

FDA facing court over failure to respond to raw milk petition

By Mark Astley

Raw milk dairy Organic Pastures has filed a lawsuit against the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alleging that the agency repeatedly failed to respond to its petition to amend a law that forbids the sale of raw milk-based dairy products across state...