Listeria Monocytogenes

Picture: Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company

Cheese producer responds to FDA consent decree

By Joseph James Whitworth

A New York cheese producer hit with a consent decree of permanent injunction due to Listeria contamination has said it was unclear on what needed to be done to be in compliance.

Roos Foods has recalled a variety of products

FDA shuts firm at centre of Listeria outbreak

By Joseph James Whitworth

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suspended the registration of Roos Foods, which is at the centre of a Listeria outbreak linked to the death of one person, after an inspection uncovered unsanitary conditions.

One of the recalled products

Canadian listeria cheese warnings reiterated in US

By Mark Astley

US health authorities have issued a warning in relation to a variety of cheese and dairy products potentially contaminated with listeria monocytogenes – weeks after Canadian officials recalled the same products.

Admin error led to Canadian listeria recall delay - CFIA

Admin error led to Canadian listeria recall delay - CFIA

By Mark Astley

Several dairy products, potentially contaminated with listeria, remained on the market over a month after an initial manufacturer recall because of an administration blunder, Canadian food safety authorities have revealed.

Sale hopes dashed for historic Stilton producer

Sale hopes dashed for historic Stilton producer

By Ben Bouckley and Anne Bruce

The administrator of Quenby Hall Dairy has admitted defeat in its efforts to sell the business, which produced Stilton on a site where some of first examples of the cheese were made over 250 years ago.

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