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The latest visit to Mintel's Global New Products Database shows no
slowdown in the number of innovative dairy-based food products
being launched across the world - cheesy ice cream being just one
of them.

The food and drink industry is both highly innovative and extremely diverse, as recent product launches highlighted by Mintel's Global New Products Database​ (GNPD) show. Among the products to hit the market this month are aphrodisiac cayenne chocolate and cheesy ice cream.

Marzipan hot beverages​ Whether you have a weakness for double decaffeinated skimmed macchiato, vanilla cream Frappuccino, Choccaccino or a straightforward latte, coffee tastes have moved quickly since the days of the omnipresent cup of 'regular' coffee. The latest flavour addition is marzipan, with the Finnish launch of marzipan cappuccino, an almond flavoured cappuccino drink.

Cheesy ice cream​ The Asian ice cream market yet again surprises western consumers by using savoury ingredients in an otherwise sweet treat. The latest savoury addition is cheese. New in the Philippines from Nestlé is Puto Bumbong comprising a macapuno ('mutant coconut') flavoured ice cream with rice cake and cheese bits! One for the true ice cream aficionados only…

Ice cream branded toffees​ More often than not, confectionery brands extend into ice cream format (this has recently happened in South Africa for the Frutips sugar confectionery brand). It is therefore interesting to now see the reverse, with ice cream brands appearing in confectionery. For example, new in India from Hindustan Lever (the local arm of Unilever) are Wall's Max ice cream branded toffees in strawberry & cream and mango & cream flavours. The original flavour, Wall's Max ChocoMax Toffees, was first launched back in 2001.

Cornetto reformats​ the Cornetto cone ice cream brand from Unilever is reformating into a sandwich version. New for the South African summer, Unilever company Ola has introduced Cornetto San'wich, chocolate ice cream in a soft biscuit sandwich. This move represents a real extension innovation for the Cornetto brand, although Mintel has already spotted some other non-cone formats in Asia, such as Cornetto branded pot ice cream.

Energising yoghurt​ Fortification remains key within the yoghurt market with many lines now available that are enriched with all kinds of "good for you" ingredients. These can vary from vitamins to minerals, and even beneficial plant and flower extracts (e.g. Onken's recent BioWild line). The latest vitamin fortified yoghurt is also positioned as being energising. The new Energise line has been introduced in the UK by retailer Tesco and is made with energy-giving cereals and vitamins. Flavours include Banana and Peach & Apricot.

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