New heat process improves flaxseed safety

By Mike Stones

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Significantly improved food safety, without compromising product quality, nutritional value or shelf-life, are the benefits claimed for a new proprietary heat treatment process developed by Glanbia Nutritionals specifically for use on its flaxseed range.

The company’s business development manager – flax, Marilyn Stieve told that the new treatment MicroSure Plus reduces the total plate count substantially more than any other heat treatment currently available.

The MicroSure Plus process achieves the lowest possible level of aerobic plate counts in Glanbia Nutritionals’ flaxseed range​.”

The intense heat treatment is said to reduce the microload to fewer than 10,000 colony forming units (CFU). That compares with microloads of 100,000 CFU delivered by other treatments and 10m CFU in products taken directly from the field.

Nutritional value

Flaxseed is unique in being high in omega-3 oil and this can prove unstable under certain conditions, said Stieve. But the company’s heat treatment maintains flaxseed’s two-year shelf life while protecting its nutritional value.

“The MicroSure Plus technology ensures microbial safety without compromising flaxseed’s rich nutritional combination of omega-3, protein, antioxidants and fibre​,” she said.

Flaxseed lignans are strong antioxidants and flaxseed is the richest natural source of ALA omega-3, claims the company. Independent studies have shown it can support cardiovascular health and products fortified with omega-3 and antioxidants have strong consumer appeal, added Stieve.

The company’s dairy applications of flaxseed include fortification of yoghurts with omega-3 and fibre enhancement. Other applications could include smoothie beverages and, if required by the market, sour cream or crème fresh.

Food safety is one of industry’s biggest priorities. We’ve risen to the challenge by providing our customers with the most intense heat treatment currently available in the flax industry,”​ she said.

Glanbia Nutritionals’ flaxseed range, which includes BevGrad, SelectGrad and ChoiceGrad.

Textural problems

According to the company, its BevGrad ingredient allows manufacturers to fortify a wide range of products with ALA omega-3 without the graininess or textural problems that may have presented problems in the past. Other nutritional benefits include fibre, protein and lignans.

In addition to the dairy sector, applications include sports nutrition, weight management beverages, peanut spreads and granola bars.

“This technology allows Glanbia Nutritionals to address food safety concerns on raw agricultural products that do not have a documented kill step.’

The MicroSure Plus process is available worldwide.

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