Paper milk bottle could be next great British invention, says retailer

By Rory Harrington

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Paper milk bottle the shape of things to come?
Paper milk bottle the shape of things to come?

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A milk bottle made chiefly from paper is being trialled by one of the UK’s major supermarket chains as part of its sustainability strategy.

The container is the brainchild of British inventor Martin Myerscough who describes it as ‘planet friendly packaging’. In development since 2007, the bottle has now been taken up by supermarket chain Asda, which will be selling it in four stores Cornwall from this weekend onwards for milk supplied from local dairy Trewithen.

With each plastic milk bottle taking around 500 years to decompose and an amazing 15 million of them used each day, a greener solution would make a major impact on milk bottle waste; and GreenBottles can be composted in just a few weeks,”​ said the retail giant.

The GreenBottle consists of a paper outer shell and an inner lining made of plastic. The paper is compostable and biodegradable. The paper casing can be detached from the inner shell to ensure ease of recycling.

“We first tested prototypes of GreenBottle a couple of years, ago, and have been working tirelessly since to optimise our design,”​ said company managing director Andy Brent. “We now have a bottle that can be produced, filled and distributed in exactly the same way as plastic, and which consumers tell us they overwhelmingly prefer”.

Asda’s head of ethical and sustainable sourcing, Chris Brown, said: “As a business we’re always looking for ways to improve sustainability. The milk category is obviously massive for us and if GreenBottle helps reduce waste in our customers’ homes, there’s no doubting it has the potential to become the next great British invention.”

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Paper does not like water... or milk ... it disolves

Posted by Plastics fan,

I would like to know if milk will leak out of this impractical, non recyclable container ...

Lots of plastics bashing ... but using plastic for inner core?

Uhmmmm ...

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Milk cartons?

Posted by Derek Batchelor,

What is wrong with cardboard cartons? These have a waxed interior surface and have been in use in New Zealand for as long as plastic bottles have. Cardboard (even with a wax coating) are far faster broken down than plastic.

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Interesting but...

Posted by N. Smith,

I guess I'm a little confused about the liner doesn't seem to be getting away from using plastic, which is what a "green goal" would be. How is detaching and discarding a plastic liner, different from discarding the plastic bottle?

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