US firm launches high pressure processing solutions

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All Natural Freshness launches HPP solutions
Interest in high pressure processing (HPP) is growing, with US company All Natural Freshness (ANF) launching pre-packaging end-to-end HPP solutions, which it claims can significantly extend shelf life and cut waste.

The business is offering solutions for dairy, juice and beverages, fruit and vegetables, meat, rice & grains, seafood and deli & wet salads.

It claims that by integrating high pressure pasteurisation into their supply chain, grocers could double or triple the shelf-life of fresh prepared products.

At the same time, because HPP is a much milder process than other forms of pasteurisation, much of the structure, texture and taste of products is preserved.

Food waste

ANF is hailing its solutions as providing a solution to the problem of food waste and its effect on the environment.

“HPP is a cold water ultra-high pressure based technology that can drastically extend the shelf-life of totally fresh products,"​ said Gerald Ludwig, chief executive of ANF.

“In HPP all natural food products are submerged, in water and then subjected to incredible water pressure. Under the intense pressure the spoilage microbes are drastically reduced. The end result is a shelf life extension of between 2x and 3x the shelf life of the product in its natural state.

'Up to 42 days'

“If a fresh product, while properly packaged and refrigerated, is pleasing to eat and safe for 14 days; then that same product after HPP could last for 28, or even up to 42 days.”

This could lead to a reduction in food and drink waste, shrinkage and spoilage of up to 83%, according to ANF.

The firm was born out of a partnership between food manufacturer Garden Fresh Gourmet and Avure Technologies.

Now it produces HPP processing equipment as well as ancillary automation components and North America’s Avure, Asia’s Chic Freshertech and Garden Fresh Gourmet are its clients.

Partnering with a university

ANF has developed sales channels to serve North America, Europe and Asia. It reports that it is partnering with a university in North America that has more than 20 years of research and development experience with high pressure food preservation using high hydrostatic pressure.

HPP neutralises E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria. However, machines can be heavy and costly and food manufacturers need to account for this when considering purchasing one, says ANF.

On its website, the firm highlights the fact that HPP machines need a minimum of 2,000 sq ft of floor space and an engineered floor and footings not typical for a production facility.

In addition, it states most popular machines cost between $1.75m to $2.4m for purchase and delivery.

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