Stabiliser concept opens up reconstituted milk yogurt drink opportunities - Hydrosol


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Stabiliser combination opens up reconstituted milk yogurt drink opps

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Hydrosol, a German manufacturer of food stabilisers, has designed a concept that enables dairy processors to produce yogurt drinks from reconstituted milk – a development it hopes will open up markets for processors in countries were fresh milk is scarce.

The concept, which involves a combination of existing Hydrosol stabilisers, can greatly enhance the properties of yogurt drinks made from reconstituted milk, the Ahrensburg-based company has claimed.

According to Hydrosol, dairy processors that adopt this concept can manufacture “trendy”​ yogurt drinks from reconstituted milk using existing manufacturing technology.

Speaking with, Hydrosol product developer, Sebastian Barsch, claimed that this combination of stabilisers offers processors in hotter countries the opportunity to produce yogurt drinks from “basic” ​milk powder.

“Countries with an insufficient quantity of fresh milk also want to produce high quality products using recombined milk,” said ​Barsch.

“Our stabilisers give them the opportunity to product high quality products with their existing basic material.”

Recombines milk, ensure solubility

The concept combines the use of Hydrosol’s existing Stabimuls RMWW and Stabisol MSM food stabiliser ranges.

First a reconstituted milk product is made from dried milk powder and water with the aid of Stabimuls RMWW.

Bacterial cultures are then added to turn the reconstituted milk into yogurt. A blend of Hydrosol’s Stabisol MSM stabiliser and hot water is then mixed into the yogurt to create the yogurt drink.

According to Barsch, Stabimuls RMWW stabilises the recombined milk - ensuring a sediment-free "light mouth feel."

“RMWW stabilises the recombined milk and ensures its solubility, so there are no particles left to sink and form sediment,”​ said Barsch. “It ensures a pleasant light mouth feel.”

“Skimmed milk powder has been dried and stored,”​ he said. “These processes have influence on the protein and may lead sometimes to a loss regarding the mouth feeling. With our product the good mouth feeling can be ensured."​ 

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