TINE heralds high-protein, high calcium Styrk development as ‘completely new type of milk’


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TINE heralds high-protein development as ‘completely new type of milk’
Norwegian dairy processor, TINE, has developed what it describes as a “completely new type of milk” – a fat-free, vitamin D-enriched product that contains around 50% more protein and calcium than ordinary milk.

Styrk, which is a play on the Norwegian word for strength, is produced by filtering milk to remove fat, water, lactose and salt, and adding vitamin D. According to TINE, around 1.5 gallons (4.5 litres) of milk are filtered to make just one litre of Styrk.

This filtration method produces a “more concentrated”​ final product with naturally higher levels of protein and calcium.

Per 100g serving, Styrk contains just 0.1 gram (g) of fat, 5g of protein, and 173 milligrams (mg) of calcium. The same measure of ordinary skimmed milk typically contains around 3.4g of protein and 124mg of calcium.

Speaking with DairyReporter.com, TINE’s Ove Johansen claimed that the high levels of protein and calcium found in Styrk produce a “full-fat milk taste.”  

This makes Styrk a “smart choice”​ for any consumer that loves the taste of full-fat milk, but feels compelled to buy fat-free options, he added.

“Drink less and gain more”

“The main difference between Styrk and ordinary skimmed milk is the higher concentration of protein and calcium,” ​said Johansen, who was involved in the development of the product. “Styrk has about 50% more protein and calcium than ordinary skimmed milk – that is what is so special about this milk.”

“It was developed for people that want more protein and calcium in their diets. With Styrk, they can drink less and gain more. We have succeeded in developing a white milk product that looks and tastes the same as ordinary milk, but that is more nutritious.”

According to Johansen, Styrk is the “first of its kind” ​in Norway and among only a small number of similar developments around the world. Finnish dairy processor Valio is one of a number of processors that market a similar product.

Developed with women in mind 

Despite the product’s high protein content, Johansen claimed that Styrk was developed with women in mind.

“Styrk is more so targeted at women,”​ said Johansen.

“Women do not traditionally drink as much milk as men. But this product allows them to drink less, but gain more nutritionally. That was our main goal when developing Styrk.”

Increasing consumer demand for protein also played a part in the product’s development, Johansen said.

“In Norway and many other countries, consumer demand is very concentrated on high levels of protein and less sugar,” ​he said. “We see this in other dairy products such as Greek yogurt and Quark.”

“This demand was another big focus for us when we developed Styrk."

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A smart idea based on consumer need, especially that mainly housewives are decision makers in such type of food.
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