Lawsuit battle begins over packaging resin

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Eastman products containing Tritan
Eastman products containing Tritan
Eastman Chemical Company is locked in a court battle over whether a resin used in its plastic packaging is free of chemicals with estrogenic activity (EA).

Eastman’s dispute with CertiChem and PlastiPure relates to whether the product, marketed as a BPA-alternative, leaches EA, which is a chemical said to mimic estrogen in the body and disrupt natural hormonal processes.

Eastman has sued the two companies in the trial which started this week in a district court in Texas.

In an earlier interview with us​, the firm said it was bringing action against CertiChem, a testing company, and PlastiPure, a technical consulting and certification firm, to “protect its Tritan product and business from false or misleading representations​.”

The civil action lawsuit centers on Eastman’s Tritan resins, developed in 2007, which are used in plastic consumer products including baby bottles, food containers, and water bottles.

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