Saputo enters sports recovery arena with high-protein Milk2Go extension


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Saputo enters sports recovery arena with Milk2Go extension

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Saputo has taken its first steps in the Canadian sports recovery product arena through the launch of Milk2Go Sport - a high-protein extension of its existing Milk2Go flavoured milk range.

Fresh skim milk-based Milk2Go Sport, which is available in stores across Canada, contains just 200 calories, 26g of protein, 1g of fat and 70% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium per 325ml bottle.

Quebec-based Saputo has branded Milk2Go Sport, which is available in chocolate and vanilla variations, Canada’s first ready-to-drink protein shake made with fresh milk. The company added that the product not only helps stimulate muscle repair, but also dulls hunger – which it claims could further assist people who are trying to lose weight.

It expects the product to challenge established dairy protein powders for a share of the Canadian sports recovery product market.


Capture market share

“The market for protein consumption post-workout has been around for a number of years now, but was mainly supported by bodybuilders and heavy weight lifters,”​ Saputo Dairy Products Canada marketing manager, Philippe Duhamel, told “Products targeting this segment are usually dairy proteins in a powder form that are meant to be mixed with water, juice or milk.”

“We believe our product can capture some share of that market.”

According to Duhamel, the convenience and organoleptic qualities of Milk2Go Sport will give it a distinct advantage over these popular dairy protein powder products.

“Protein powders need to be measured and mixed with water. They usually don’t taste very good.”

Nutritional and taste expectations

Duhamel pinpointed increasing consumer awareness about the nutritional benefits of protein and the widely-reported post-workout advantages of chocolate milk as two of the key driving factors behind Saputo’s Milk2Go Sport development.

On the back of these consumer trends, Saputo felt it was the right time for this product, said Duhamel.

Milk2Go Sport is the latest addition to Saputo's popular Milk2Go flavored milk range.

“Active consumers are looking to increase their protein intake especially after a workout to replenish muscles or when they don’t have the time to eat a complete meal. They are looking for on-the-go solutions that are made of good natural ingredients like fresh milk,” ​he said.

“We felt the timing was right to formulate and launch a product that meets consumers nutritional and taste expectations,” ​he added.

“We identified a need within the protein beverage category for a ready-to-drink product that combined the benefits of fresh chocolate milk with an extra dose of quality dairy protein,”​ he said. “This prompted us to develop a product that has the great taste of chocolate milk – in the Chocolate flavoured Milk2Go Sport beverage – while providing 26g of protein in every bottle.”

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