Revamped Protein Rush! not just for World's Strongest Man wannabes: VPX Sports


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Revamped Protein Rush not just for World's Strongest Man wannabes: VPX
VPX Sports is hoping to meet growing demand for muscle recovery solutions from physically active consumers, as well as those “looking to look like the World’s Strongest Man”, through the relaunch of its ready-to-drink (RTD) Protein Rush! shake.

US-based sports supplement manufacturer, VPX Sports, announced earlier this month that it was relaunching Protein Rush! following a short absence from the market.

Prior to being discontinued by VPX Sports, which is also known as Vital Pharmaceuticals, Protein Rush! was packed into a 17oz (500ml) Tetra Pak carton, and contained 40g of protein. 

The carton has now been done away with, and replaced with a 12oz (350ml) plastic bottle. The protein content of Protein Rush!, which is available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry variations, has also been scaled down to a still "industry toppling"​ 28g of VPX's seven-stage protein complex.

Speaking with, VPX CEO and chief scientific officer, Jack Owoc, said that this "28g of protein struck the perfect balance between what the average person needs and what we could out into the product without any sacrifices on taste."

“Provides fuel to the muscles”

“Protein is an essential nutrient that everybody needs regardless of their fitness or health goals,"​ said Owoc.

"In fact, protein is a major structural component of all cells in the body, especially muscle. Even if you aren’t trying to look like the World’s Strongest Man, protein is needed for repair and recovery, making Protein Rush! RTD essential for every non-sedentary individual.”

The relaunched Protein Rush! contains VPX's seven-stage protein complex - a mixture of milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate, hydrolyzed casein di- and tri-peptides, and whey protein hydrolysate di- and tri-peptides.

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“Different proteins are digested at different rates within the body,"​ said Owoc.

"For example, whey protein is quickly digested, whereas casein protein is digested at a much slower pace. VPX has utilized seven different types of proteins with varying rates of absorption to give the consumer a sustained supply of protein over the course of many hours, which provides fuel to the muscles and helps to prevent muscle breakdown.”

“More aesthetic sitting on the shelf”

Commenting on the brand’s move from carton to plastic bottle, Owoc said that the move should give Protein Rush! an improved shelf presence.

“The primary reason for moving to the plastic bottle was because of the benefits to the consumer,”​ said Owoc.

“Many customers complained about the flimsiness of the tetra packaging. They also didn't fit well in convenience store coolers, which was a problem frequently mentioned by store owners. The new Protein Rush packaging is much more stable, easily fits in coolers, and looks much more aesthetic sitting on the shelf.”

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