Muller Quaker Dairy combines yogurt and the 'delicious decadence' of dessert

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Muller Quaker Dairy combines yogurt and the 'delicious decadence' of dessert
PepsiCo's US yogurt venture Muller Quaker Dairy has launched a new range that combines the "goodness of yogurt" with "delicious decadence" of dessert. 

The Dessert Inspired range, which includes Strawberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Brownie Supreme, Peach Cobbler and Dulce de Leche Delight variations, offers the "best of both worlds," ​Muller Quaker Dairy said in a statement.

Brian Hannigan, director of marketing, Muller Quaker Dairy, said the product was specifically developed to provide mothers with “a satisfying snack to enjoy when they finally get a moment to themselves.”

"We're always listening to our consumers and creating products and advertising that relate to them in a meaningful way,"​ he said.

Muller Quaker Dairy, established by PepsiCo and German dairy dairy Müller in 2012, introduced the Müller yogurt brand to the US.


Three years on, Muller Quaker Dairy boasts four Müller yogurt ranges - Müller Corner, Müller Greek, and Müller Ice Cream Inspired and Müller Dessert Inspired.

Healthy dessert?

Speaking with, Elizabeth Sisel, beverage analyst at Mintel, said consumers still look to yogurt as a healthy snack, despite sweet toppings.

Sisel, the author of Mintel's Yogurt and Yogurt Drinks 2015 report, said consumers are constantly looking for 'better-for-you' indulgence in a time when many overtly sweet desserts are avoided.

She said whether or not this variety of yogurt is actually healthier, it is certainly driving manufacturers to push yogurt with more 'indulgent' flavors.

“The majority of consumers (61%) find yogurt to be healthy and nutritious,”​ Sisel said. “Three-fourths (74%) agree yogurt is a satisfying replacement for high-calorie/fat desserts. However, indulgence is not a top attribute consumer's find important to their yogurt purchases.

“Only approximately a quarter of consumers eat yogurt as a dessert, and nutritional importance significantly outweighs indulgence when consumers are choosing a yogurt to purchase.”

Beth Bloom, food and drink analyst at Mintel, added that research from Mintel’s Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties suggests there is a definite desire for a healthier dessert.

For example, 55% of people will eat fruit for dessert three or more times per week, versus 21% for ice cream, 25% for cookies and 12% for cake.

“This is an indication of a preference for health-focused items for frequent dessert consumption,”​ Bloom said.

The loyalty of a mother, the sweetness of a father

Muller Quaker Dairy is specifically targeting mothers with its new Desserts Inspired brand, and are “calling for time-strapped moms to treat themselves” ​to these sweet yogurts.

Sisel said mothers are “particularly brand loyal”​ when it comes to yogurt purchases.

“Two-thirds of mom's always/usually purchase the same brand of yogurt, making them a great target audience,” ​Sisel said. “Moms’ schedules are also perceived as very hectic. The faster life's pace, the greater need to slow it all down once in a while. Food products that convey superior quality or flavor profile have an opportunity to offer consumers a chance to slow down, savor, and treat themselves.”

Even so, Sisel said fathers are more likely than mothers to say indulgence is important to them when purchasing a new variety of yogurt.

With more men becoming primary food shoppers, whether they be single or with family, yogurt manufactures may not have more opportunity than ever to appeal to new audiences (i.e. fathers) who are also strapped for time, but still want a little sweetness in their life.

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