Synergy gets the cheesecake out for new protein flavour range

By Eliot Beer

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"Flavour innovation is going to be crucial if this market is to reach its full potential..."
"Flavour innovation is going to be crucial if this market is to reach its full potential..."

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Synergy Flavours has launched a new flavour range for protein and weight loss supplements, designed to work with more protein types, and satisfy consumer demand for more variety.

The eight new flavours are themed around breakfast and snacks, and include chocolate brownie, banana smoothie, caramel coffee, both strawberry and blueberry cheesecake, and cinnamon danish and cinnamon bun, along with vanilla cream, for use in shakes, powders and bars. According to Synergy, consumers are no longer satisfied with the longstanding trio of chocolate-vanilla-strawberry.

Innovation crucial for full potential

The flavour selection is very much based around the need for diversity in the meal replacement sector. Currently, innovation is limited to three core flavours – chocolate strawberry and vanilla. Flavour innovation is going to be crucial if this market is to reach its full potential, and we believe our range will provide much-needed inspiration​,” said Hugh Evans, marketing manager at Synergy.

With advances in flavour and formulation science, more indulgent options are becoming available – and have been adopted heavily in the wider sports nutrition arena where flavours like ‘cookies and cream’ are prevalent. In weight management, or meal replacement applications, giving consumers a feeling that they are consuming something more than a shake, i.e. a chocolate brownie, also helps them to feel more satisfied​,” he added.

Evans also said some of the biscuit-y or indulgent flavours, such as chocolate brownie or cinnamon bun, were well-suited to dairy protein bases – but that all of the flavours should work with a wide range of protein types. Synergy has beenworking with researchers at North Carolina State University​ to develop flavours that are compatible with proteins beyond dairy varieties, in response to the growing demand for alternative protein types.

For several years Synergy researchers have been looking closely at how dairy proteins bind and interact with flavour compounds. For the first time the research has been extended to include a wider variety of protein sources enabling Synergy to develop fresh, innovative, optimised flavours for a variety of protein-based sources​,” said Evans.

Blurred lines

Synergy believes the market for protein and weight loss supplements is evolving to see more people focused on a “holistic​” approach to weight management, and away from highly restrictive diets. According to Evans, the line between different market segments is becoming increasingly blurred, resulting in a demand for more varied products.

There is something of an overlap between sports nutrition and weight management consumers now with active gym users wanting to take care of themselves with a good diet regime too.  In addition, consumers are generally more aware of the potential health benefits of consuming more protein. So, what has previously been considered a niche sector is fast becoming more mainstream​,” he said.

It is clear to us that the market for weight management or weight wellness is growing, as the types of consumers considering weight-led options broadens out. At the same time, more convenient and appealing offerings are coming onto the market, making the trend more accessible than ever before​,” added Evans.

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