PurePulse makes raw milk safe, says CoolWave

By Jim Cornall

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Dutch company CoolWave's PurePulse PP1200 can be used to render bacteria in raw milk harmless, as an alternative to pasteurization. However, laws in the Netherlands mean it can't be used there.
Dutch company CoolWave's PurePulse PP1200 can be used to render bacteria in raw milk harmless, as an alternative to pasteurization. However, laws in the Netherlands mean it can't be used there.

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Dutch company CoolWave says its PurePulse technology makes it possible to render bacteria in raw milk harmless, while the taste and quality of the raw milk are preserved.

However, it can’t be used in the Netherlands because of laws that state store-bought milk must be pasteurized.

Electric pulses inactivate bacteria

PurePulse is a preservation method in which a series of short electric pulses are generated, and it is these pulses that inactivate bacteria in the food.

This accomplishes a shelf life comparable to heat-pasteurized products, but CoolWave says heat-pasteurization changes the nutritional value and taste of milk. 

However, CoolWave says, the electric pulses from PurePulse don’t heat the milk, and therefore proteins and other healthy components of raw milk that would be destroyed by heat pasteurizing are preserved.

Laws prevent introduction

CoolWave says that laws in the Netherlands mean that only heat-pasteurized or sterilized milk can be sold freely in the supermarket.

A company spokesperson told DairyReporter that the technology is currently not being used by the dairy industry, in spite of it being able to, simply because of the regulations.

“We are trying to move the Dutch Food Legislation Authorities to make it legal for dairy producers to use this technology to make safe and better quality fresh (raw) milk, but we have not yet succeeded in this.”

The company says that the ‘old laws’ do not take into account the possibilities of modern technology, like PurePulse.

It points to scientific research over the past ten years that CoolWave says has delivered sufficient evidence for its effective use. The technology has already been developed to an industrial scale.

Potential for yogurt and cheese

In cooperation with dairy companies and dairy farmers, CoolWave is also researching the possibilities for processed dairy, including yogurt and cheese.

The PurePulse technology is currently being utilized in juice processing, however, it has only recently been applied to the dairy industry.

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Response to above comments

Posted by Richard Little,

UV can be pulsed too. Many years ago Dr Alex Wekhof worked with pulsed light in California I believe. More recently, there is work with pulsed microwave energised UV and we have a number of patents on the irradiator for this. In any case, I have often thought that treatment in a fluidised bed environment may be effective for finely ground powders and spices and tumblers for larger granules/

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Pulse Technology and UV Technology for Sterilisation of Powdered Spices

Posted by Dr. N. R Rao,

I am keen to buy/set up system for sterilisation of powdered spices using pulse technology or UV irradiation.

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Dr. Chemistry

Posted by Edith Armanetti,

Commercial Manager
Dear Sir

My name is Edith Armanetti. I have just retired from executive positions in the food industry.
I was working as quality assurance and research and development manager during 44 years in the Southern Cone Food Industries: Standard Brands, Nabisco, Kraft, etc and the last 10 years as Technical manager of the main company in Uruguay, the Dairy Cooperative Conaprole.
My expertise are: R&D, Quality/FoodSafety .
Now, I m working as a Consultant
I am interested in the promotion of the use of healthy ingredientes like the produced by your Company.

If you are looking for expanding your sales in The Southern Cone centralized in Uruguay, I would be very pleased to analize to join efforts

Best regards

Dr.Chem. Edith Armanetti

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