Country Delight looking to 100-mile source for Indian milk

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Country Delight wants to expand its model of 100-mile sourcing of milk to all Indian cities of over one million population. Consumers can use a cell phone app to order delivery and pay for their milk.
Country Delight wants to expand its model of 100-mile sourcing of milk to all Indian cities of over one million population. Consumers can use a cell phone app to order delivery and pay for their milk.

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An Indian company, Country Delight, is aiming to deliver fresh milk to urban Indian doorsteps with a new sourcing model.

One of the founders of the company, Chakradhar Gade, told DairyReporter that milk sold through the organized sector in India is often recombined (a mix of milk, milk powder and water), and sometimes travels 500 to 1,000 km, and up to two weeks, to reach the consumer.

In addition to issues of transportation and consistency, a survey by FSSAI showed that as much as 68% of milk in India could be adulterated.

100-mile radius

Country Delight says it is aiming to bring back the basics, by delivering local fresh and unadulterated cow and buffalo milk directly to the doorstep of consumers within 48 hours of milking. Consumers can also order through a free app downloaded to their cell phone.

“We are trying to give a natural fresh and unadulterated product,”​ Gade said.

“We have a 100-mile sourcing radius where we work directly with the farmers and empower the farmers with the technological tools to monitor their business.

“And we set up remote monitoring mechanisms where we are also able to constantly see what is happening to the milk.”

Traceability issues

Gade said that currently in India, milk is often collected from many different individual suppliers, which affects traceability as volumes are in the tens of thousands of liters.

Through their 100-mile radius model, he said, Country Delight can test at the 200-300 liter level, which is easier to monitor.

The company is looking to enter into value-added products, and improve distribution, with the goal being to extend the 100-mile sourcing pledge and replicate the system to all Indian cities with a population of more than one million.

Pay more for safe and pure product

Gade said the business is looking for investor capital to move to that next level.

We are going to stick to the value proposition of sourcing better, paying the farmer better, creating entrepreneurs through the system and delivering the consumer a superior product,”​ he said.

He said that selling urban centers is the key, and that consumers in cities can afford to pay a little more for their products.

“We're not asking them to double their milk consumption,”​ Gade said.

“We're asking them to pay 20-30% more for a safe and pure product.”

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Dear Mr Gade
I am happy to note that your company Country Delight has ventured in to pasteurised milk in pilfer proof pouch
You have rightly said that India has rampant adulteration of milk but the onus of educating citizens for not buying loose milk rests with the organised dairy sector
pl take up this program
Best of Luck
Senior Dairy Technocrat

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Country Delight

Posted by S Badhe,

While I agree with technology being used - the app - to increase the connect with the consumer, I think we can't rubbish the effort of the Indian Dairy industry to supply milk across the nation . The Co op sector in India has , managed to make milk available in most parts of India , kept prices of milk stable and , most important , brought prosperity to the Indian farmer - specially the marginal farmer who keeps a limited number of animals. While Country Delight can sell milk to some up market customers, most Indians will continue to look at the Co op sector for milk. I also have questions on the smaller dairies ability to handle milk , including pasteurisation ( needed in India ) .

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