DSM’s DelvoGuard cultures reduce dairy food waste

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DSM has launched DelvoGuard, which it says increase the shelf life of a range of dairy products. Pic: ©iStock/ia_64
DSM has launched DelvoGuard, which it says increase the shelf life of a range of dairy products. Pic: ©iStock/ia_64

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Royal DSM N.V. has expanded its range of natural food protection solutions with the launch of a new range of protective cultures that increase the shelf life of dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream and fresh cheese.

DSM says the new DelvoGuard cultures effectively combat yeast and mold growth, and are targeted at producers looking for clean-label solutions to reduce dairy losses while increasing the shelf life of their products.

The cultures are based on Lactobacillus rhamnosus​ and Lactobacillus sakei​ strains. Building on the traditional principles of fermentation, DSM’s food scientists developed a solution to provide synergistic effects against yeast and mold in two ways: by the production of inhibitory compounds and through competitive exclusion.

Shelf life

The longer shelf-life allows producers to expand their geographical markets and develop innovative product concepts, without concerns about fungal spoilage.

A spokesperson for DSM told DairyReporter that as DelvoGuard is a natural solution, DSM is working with “Nature’s Black Box”, meaning that many factors influence the actual increase in shelf-life in any given case.

“What we have seen from our tests, in which we have tested against a broad range of contaminants typically found in the dairy industry, is that DelvoGuard had the potential to add valuable days or even weeks of shelf-life, ranging from seven days to more than 40 days additional shelf-life,”​ the spokesperson said.

“These tests are indicative however, and the actual shelf-life extension possibility should always be tested in the specifics of the situation.”

Product application

DSM says the cultures are applicable to many dairy products.

“While our primary focus of this launch is on fresh fermented dairy products, DelvoGuard has the potential to protect a wide range of dairy products,”​ the spokesperson said.

“We have conducted extensive tests in yogurt and sour cream applications and have also seen with our customers that DelvoGuard can make a difference ranging in applications from a continental cheese to a Burrata – a Mozzarella type cheese.

“Because we are working with a completely natural solution, the particular food matrix of the dairy product as well as the manufacturing process, such as fermentation time or a heat-step, can all influence the effectiveness of DelvoGuard in a particular situation.”

Labeling content

DelvoGuard protective cultures are considered food ingredients and are listed on the label in the same way as starter cultures.

DSM said in most cases, ‘cultures’ would be listed on the label, although some customers may choose to declare the actual strain name.

Half of dairy food waste

Gregory Kesel, director of the cultures business at DSM Food Specialties, said studies have shown a considerable level of waste occurs after the moment of purchase; in developed markets like North America and Europe, this phase accounts for as much as half of all dairy food waste.

“Enabling dairy companies to ensure that their products stay in perfect condition for days or even weeks longer helps their brands and business,”​ Kesel said.

He added it also helps consumers reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away because of spoilage.

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