September 2017 new product round-up

By Mary Ellen Shoup and Jim Cornall

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From cheese to yogurt, and fondue to Flora, it's the September new product round-up. Pic:©Getty Images/arcady_31
From cheese to yogurt, and fondue to Flora, it's the September new product round-up. Pic:©Getty Images/arcady_31

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There have been products in most dairy categories from around the globe in the month of September as the seasons change.

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Less sugar and cherry for Orkla Risifrutti

In Finland, Orkla is refreshing and expanding its Risifrutti range.


The sugar content of the products is being reduced and the packaging is being redesigned. There will also be two new products: Risifrutti Without added sugar and Risifrutti Cherry.

"Our goal is to reduce the amount of sugar added to 25% in all Risifrutti products by 2020. In addition, in the autumn, we will bring sweetened Risifrutti with sweetener from stevia," marketing manager of Orkla Finland, Mervi Nieminen, said.

Both Risifrutti Cherry and the no-added-sugar variant will be available in K-Group's stores.

The Risifrutti product family includes seven flavor options, including Strawberry and Raspberry, also available in larger XL packaging sizes.

All Risifrutti products are gluten-free and there is also strawberry-flavored lactose-free Risifrutti.

Emmi launches lower sugar yogurts

Swiss company Emmi has introduced YoQua Strawberry and Forest Fruits varieties with 4.5 grams of added granulated sugar – only half as much as a normal yogurt – with no other sweeteners.


The two new YoQuas have 0.1 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein.

YoQua Strawberry includes skimmed milk yogurt made from pasteurised Swiss skimmed milk, 12% strawberries, sugar, modified starches, beetroot juice concentrate, flavoring, and lemon juice.

YoQua Forest Fruits ingredients are skimmed milk yogurt made from pasteurised Swiss skimmed milk, 12% berries (4% blackberries, 4% raspberries, 4% blueberries), sugar, modified starches, flavorings.

New in Norway

Norwegian dairy company TINE has introduced a range of new products in the country.

Blueberry Styrk fortified sour milk is rich in vitamin K2, calcium and vitamin D.

In addition, it is fat-free and has 50% more protein than other milk.

Sprett Yogurt Banana Without…

Sprett fruit yoghurt, in banana flavor, with no added sugar, has been introduced for children. The sweetness of the product comes from the milk and fruit.


The entire Sprett series also features new packaging.

The 4x125g yogurts are also lactose-reduced, without e-numbers, and added vitamin D.

TINE Yogurt Filled With Strawberries 4x125g

TINE’s strawberry filled yogurt now comes in a 4x125g-pack.


The product has 30% less sugar than traditional yogurt, is low fat and rich in protein.

TINE Lactose Free Cream Fraiche

TINE has launched a Lactose Free Cream Fraîche, with 35% fat, following demand for more lactose-free products.


Because of the trend, TINE has also launched a lactose-free butter.

For fall/winter, four seasonal yogurts have also been launched: pear, blackberries, apple, and plum.

Also limited editions are TINE PASTA Crème Fraîche, for pasta, oven dishes and pots; and TINE PIZZA Crème Fraîche is flavored with garlic, parmesan and oregano and has 17% fat. The product can be used for pizza, both as a sauce or topping, as well as for dips.

New Kikkoman soy milk


Kikkoman Drinks Co., Ltd. launched a new 500ml size of "Kikkoman Special Purpose Soy Milk" in Japan.

The company said the new size has been produced in response to consumers asking for a smaller sized product they can consume in a few days.

New Kerry Foods products for Halloween


In the UK, Kerry Foods reintroduced its Cheestrings Halloween edition and broadened the promotion across the entire range.

Yollies will also be joining in with glow-in-the-dark character pods.

Müller launches new yogurt in UK


Müller UK has launched Müller White Velvet yogurt.

It says its new plain Greek style yogurt capitalizes on an opportunity to grow plain yogurt consumption in the UK.

Müller White Velvet is available in most retailers, in 450g big pot format, with an RRP of £1.60 ($2.16).

Consumers will also be able to purchase Müller White Velvet Light (fat free), also in 450g big pots.

New Flora packaging in UK


Flora, the spreads brand from Unilever UK, is launching new packaging.

Rolling out from the end of September, the company said individual health benefits and USPs of each variant will be called out on-pack, including Flora Original’s heart healthy seed oil blend and Flora Dairy Free’s vegan friendly composition.

Flora’s updated packaging will be available across all trade channels, with an RRP starting from £1.17 $1.57) for a 250g tub.

A different kind of Gerber Fondue

First launched back in the 1960s, Gerber Fondue is now the most popular fondue in Switzerland.


Emmi has now launched Gerber Mélange Maison fresh fondue, which includes speciality cheeses and Swiss apricot brandy – which is used instead of Kirsch – to give the fondue a unique taste.

Alongside Le Gruyère AOP and Scharfer Maxx, Raclette ensures the mix melts.

Besides white wine, spices and starch, no other ingredients are added to the freshly grated cheese. The fondue therefore contains no stabilising agents or preservatives.

Gerber Mélange Maison is now available in chiller cabinets at Swiss retailers. The 600 gram pack serves two.

Borden Cheese unveils protein snack bar line

Sep - Borden_Snack_Bag_Family

Borden Cheese announced a new line of cheese snack bars targeted at parents shopping for their kids heading back to school.

The snack bars are available in mild cheddar, Colby jack, pepper jack, and Gouda.

Each snack bar has 5g of protein and 80 calories or less and are sold in resealable packs of 10.

Bolthouse Farms enters plant-based dairy-free space

Bolthouse Farms has developed a new line called Plant Protein Milk which contains 10g of pea protein per 8-ounce serving.

Sep - BolthouseFarms

"Current alternative milk options don't address the needs of more than 40% of people seeking great tasting, nutrient rich, allergy-free options,"​ Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing and innovation officer, C-Fresh, said.

"Our Plant Protein Milk was created to satisfy the growing number of consumers seeking plant-based proteins, as well as traditional dairy milk drinkers looking for better food choices that are also rich in calcium."

Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk has started shipping and will be available at retailers including Kroger, Safeway East and Shaw's, among others.

Plant Protein Milk is available in four flavors -- unsweetened, original, vanilla and chocolate -- and can be found in the refrigerated dairy section in a multi-serve 48-ounce bottle with an SRP of $4.99.

Murray Goulburn launches YoPRO in Australia

Danone Murray Goulburn has launched its high-protein yogurt range, YoPRO, in Australia. The yogurt has no added sugar, less than 0.5% fat, and 15 to 17 grams of protein per serving, according to the company.

Sep - YoPRO

"YoPRO is targeting millennials with an active lifestyle, who do not really engage with the yogurt category today, often too sweet and not filling enough,''​ Francois Rillet, general manager of Danone Murray Goulburn Australia, said.

"YoPRO has a great potential in Australia, with really unique macro nutrients.''

YoPRO comes in plain, vanilla, strawberry, passion fruit, mango, and blueberry, and is sweetened with fruit and stevia. The yogurt will be available in Woolworths, Coles, and IGA.

Califia Farms launches seasonal creamers

Califia Farms announced two limited-time seasonal flavors of its plant-based creamer lineup: pumpkin spice (made with real pumpkin puree) and mint cocoa (made with cocoa powder and peppermint oil).

Sep - CalifiaFarms

Like its existing range of non-dairy creamers, the new seasonal flavors are free from dairy, soy, GMOs, gluten, partially-hydrogenated fats and have less than two grams of sugar per serving. The producers are also formulated with coconut cream, which adds creaminess and sweetness for lightening coffees and teas.  

“Before Califia, retailers were generally limited to artificially-flavored, sugar and corn-syrup-laden non-dairy creamers – ingredients that have little appeal for today’s health-conscious, millennial-minded consumers,”​ Califia Farms CEO, Greg Steltenpohl, said.

Springfield Creamery introduce Nancy’s probiotic whole milk kefir

Springfield Creamery launched four new organic whole milk kefirs to its line of Nancy’s Cultured Dairy products, which contain 11 strains of live probiotics.

The organic lowfat and the organic whole milk kefir varieties contain more than 50bn CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) of live beneficial probiotics per serving at the time of expiration.

“With whole dairy making a comeback, and, with so many of our customers and retailers wanting whole milk options, the introduction of our organic whole milk kefirs was a natural,”​ Sheryl Kesey Thompson, co-owner and VP of marketing for Springfield Creamery, said.

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