Danone sets 2030 goals

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Danone has introduced nine goals for 2030, in three different models.
Danone has introduced nine goals for 2030, in three different models.
At its annual general meeting of shareholders, Danone introduced a set of nine long-term goals for the company and its brands.

Aligned with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development agenda, the Danone 2030 Goals embed the business, brand and trust models of the company to drive long-term sustainable value creation and deliver the company’s ‘One Planet. One Health’ vision.

Danone is also launching ‘One Person, One Voice, One Share’, an employee engagement program and governance model for all of its 100,000 employees to ‘co-own the company agenda, actively participate in defining roadmaps to bring the goals to life, and deepen their ownership mindset.’

‘Danone 2030 Goals’ for the food revolution

The Danone 2030 Goals are aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, adopting a language the company said is universally understood.

Chairman and CEO of Danone, Emmanuel Faber, said the company believes each time we eat and drink, we can vote for the world we want.

“This has inspired the definition of our long-term goals which flow directly from our ‘One Planet. One Health’ vision,”​ Faber said.

“As we strengthen our business model and nourish our dual economic and social project, we have every confidence we will deliver our business and financial agenda, as well as create and share sustainable value for all.”

 Governance and employee engagement model

The new governance framework seeks to further foster company-wide engagement and action, which it said gives more than 100,000 Danone employees the power to co-own the company agenda.

By the end of 2018, each of Danone’s 100,000 employees will have been invited to actively engage and participate in shaping the future towards the Danone 2030 Goals and implementing them.

To equip them to do so, the ‘One Person, One Voice’ program will develop an internal platform with extensive sharing and learning resources related to the company vision and goals. From this year, they will be able to voice their point of view on both the company agenda and the definition of the 2030 Goals roadmaps, at local and global level.

Each employee will also receive one Danone share, which it said will deepen the ownership mindset.

In addition, a mechanism similar to the current French employee company investment fund will be implemented globally over the next few years to provide employees a further opportunity to invest in the company at a discounted price.

The Danone 2030 Goals

The nine goals make up the company’s business model, brand model and trust model.

Business Model:

  1. Offer superior food experiences and innovate, always
  2. Deliver superior sustainable profitable growth
  3. Be certified as a B Corp

Brand Model:

    4. Impact people’s health locally
    5. Grow Manifesto brands
    6. Preserve and renew the planet’s resources

Trust Model:

    7. Entrust Danone’s people to create new futures
    8. Foster inclusive growth
    9. Serve the food revolution with partners

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