CP Kelco: Pea protein drinks gaining popularity

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By Jenny Eagle

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CP Kelco is seeing interest in pea protein beverages and has launched a prototype ‘pea’ nut butter shake.

According to Global Insights, the global protein ingredient market is expected to reach $43.3bn by 2024. 

Health-conscious consumers


The interest in beverages with added protein also appeals to a wider consumer audience for people who want to lose weight, an ageing population building muscle mass and health enthusiasts wanting protein for sports-related nutrition. 

Wanda Jurlina, technical support manager, Ingredients Americas, CP Kelco, told BeverageDaily, consumers today are increasingly more health conscious and proactive in selecting products that support a healthy lifestyle. 

She said they are looking for ways to boost nutrition in their diets but they still want to enjoy tasty foods and beverages they love. 

Formulators are responding to this by creating drinks with nutrients like calcium fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein in them​,” said Jurlina. 

She said each protein source has its own characteristics, as well as benefits and challenges for example, dairy products are some of the most challenging because they need suspension, prevention of creaming and gelation over time. 

Taste & consistency

In alternative dairy drinks with plant-based proteins there can be issues with altered taste, sedimentation and consistency. 

There are a lot of different types of protein out there on the market and ways to deliver them​,” said Leanne Levy, senior sales manager, marketing Americas, CP Kelco. 

The beverage market is fragmenting and diversifying into new flavors, packaging types and ingredients. Dietry restrictions are becoming more important such as lactose intolerant, gluten-free, vegan​.” 

Utilizing traditional whey to alternative and plant-based protein like soy nut, pea, oat, and crickets, the growth of alternative protein sources is poised to accelerate, potentially claiming up to a third of the global protein market by 2054, according to Lux Research. 

CP Kelco offers manufacturers product development support with its ingredients such as Kelcogel, Gellan Gum and GENU Carrageenan to achieve suspension in protein-fortified beverages. 

CP Kelco prototype beverages;

  • ‘Pea’ nut Butter shake with Kelcogel HA-B [E] Gellan Gum provides suspension, contains 4% pea and peanut butter protein, 25% reduced added sugar and non-GMO project certified.
  • Mango drink; 50% reduced sugar compared with 100% mango juice. GENU VIS Pectin to enhance mouthfeel and Kelcogel HF_B Gellan Gum for suspension of the pulp.
  • Shelf stabe drinking yogurt; GENU YM-I 15-L and LM-I06 AS-YA, Kelcogel Gellan Gum for body and structure.
  • Chocolate high protein milk; creamy mouthfeel, high protein milk with Kelcogel HM-Pure Gellan Gum for cocoa suspension and 5% protein.
  • Juice with pineapple slivers; Kelcogel F Gellan Gum creates a clear fluid gel wit suspended pineapple slivers, Light mouthfeel with longterm suspension.

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