What's new in the dairy aisles in May?

By Beth Newhart

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New products for May 2019.
New products for May 2019.

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DairyReporter brings you its monthly round-up of what’s new in the dairy aisles for May 2019.

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Steve’s Ice Cream re-launch

Steves ice cream 1

Steve’s Ice Cream has completed a full brand re-launch with fresh packaging design and seven new flavors. The Dean Foods-owned dessert line is sold at US retailers like Wegman’s, Stop & Shop and Shaw’s, with dairy and non-dairy options.

Spearmint Chocolate Brownie, Sicilian Chocolate Cannoli and Cold-Brewed Cinnamon Coffee will join Steve’s dairy lineup, and Moroccan Mash Up, Passion Carnivale, Cold-Brewed Cinnamon Coffee and Chocolate Cherry Blossom are new for dairy-free.

The updated pint graphics were designed by Seattle-based artist Drew Wicklund, to “bring the iconic flavor inspirations to life with detailed icons that represent the artfully crafted creations inside each pint.”

Reddi-wip Barista Series

Reddi-wip Nitro Creamer and Reddi-wip Sweet Foam

Conagra’s popular Reddi-wip brand has branched out beyond ice cream sundae toppings to coffee drinks and mix-ins. The new dairy-based Nitro Creamer and Sweet Foam products debut in the Barista Series in the US this month.

Ryan Clark, president of the Refrigerated and Frozen division at Conagra Brands, said, "Given the continued strength of coffee sales and the fact that many consumers already use our regular Reddi-wip in their coffee, we saw an exciting opportunity to bring a cream-based innovation to market that would better replicate popular coffee drinks and the coffeehouse experience but in the convenience of home or work."

Reddi-wip says that the Nitro Creamer can be used in place of traditional coffee creamers for hot and cold beverages, and the Sweet Foam can be used as a finisher because it settles on top of drinks. Both will roll out in 13oz cans nationwide in the coming months.

Bennett’s Butter Co. Compound Butters

bennett's 1

Flavored butter is popping up in the condiments market this year, and Bennett’s Compound Butters come in six flavors at US retailers.

The 6oz tubs can be found in Everything Bagel, Roasted Garlic, Blueberry, Mushroom, Sriracha Jalapeno and Cinnamon and Brown Sugar.

Bennett’s says the butters work for cooking, baking and snacking applications, taking the guesswork out of seasoning. They are sold online on the Bennett’s website, as well as at King's and Balducci's supermarkets.

“Bennett’s Butter should be used on absolutely everything from fresh popcorn to the perfectly roasted chicken from fluffy blueberry waffles to the perfect [bacon, egg and cheese]. Drop in some Bennett’s Butter and elevate your food,” ​Bennett’s said.

Tillamook’s Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Tillamook 1

Oregon-based co-op Tillamook is bringing back its popular Birthday Cake Ice Cream permanently and to retailers nationwide. It was discontinued in 2015 and has been reformulated without high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and ingredients.

Birthday Cake features cake batter ice cream with yellow cake pieces and sprinkles, and launches alongside two new seasonal flavors, Blood Orange Cream and Chocolate Cherry Fudge. Tillamook also sells cheese, yogurt, sour cream and butter products, and the ice cream is sold in 27 US states.

“The sweet combination of cake pieces from a family-owned bakery, crispy sprinkles that get their color from plant sources, and a smooth cake batter ice cream base makes this ice cream the perfect treat for kids and adults alike,”​ Tillamook said.

Moon Cheese snacks

moon cheese 1

Fan-favorite flavor Sriracha is back for a limited run with Moon Cheese this summer. The crunchy snacks in core flavors Cheddar, Gouda and Pepper Jack are sold in more than 25,000 retail locations across the US, but Sriracha will only be available on the Moon Cheese website.

Cheese is the only ingredient in the snacks, and they are also all-natural, non-perishable, keto-friendly, and gluten-free. Moon Cheese says it uses patented technologies to “remove only the moisture from cheese while keeping all the nutrition and flavor.”

The 2oz packets of Moon Cheese can be found at select CVS, Target, Rite Aid, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Publix and Wegmans locations, among others.

Snickers and Twix ice cream bar


New dessert launches from Mars Wrigley Confectionery this summer include ice cream bars modeled after Snickers and Twix candy.

They are now available nationwide at major US retailers in six-packs.

Emily Strobel, marketing director of Mars Ice Cream, said "We are thrilled to expand our ice cream line with the launch of new Snickers Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars and Twix Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Bars.

“These two decadent innovations feature a combination of rich, new flavors and a blend of creamy chocolate that make them the perfect summer treat for chocolate lovers everywhere."

Müller changes recipes

In the UK, Müller has new recipes for its yogurt brands, Müllerlight and Müller Corner.

The dairy company has also revealed details of its biggest ever marketing campaign.

Made possible following the discovery of a new yogurt culture, the new Corner recipe, available from June, contains up to 9% less sugar, more protein and has a thicker and creamier texture.

The new Müllerlight recipe, which remains fat free, is available now. It has a thicker and creamier texture, now has 0% added sugar, is suitable for vegetarians and high in protein.

Re-designed packaging will make it easier to identify flavors and health claims, and the relaunches will be supported by the two biggest multimedia marketing campaigns in Müller’s history.


The business is also bringing back an on-pack promotion which will see more winners compared with 2018, which saw schools from Orkney to Sussex receiving new sports equipment.

Michael Inpong, chief marketing officer at Müller said, “We know that when Müller grows, so does the category. So our overall approach is to continue strengthening our core brands, developing a leading private label proposition, and innovating to target the 46% of the category where we have limited or no presence.

“This is a revolutionary milestone for our brand, and the category. We’ve created our best ever recipes, backed up by our biggest ever marketing campaigns, and we’re continuing to innovate on sugar reduction.”

Art Cream Organic Ice Cream


Family-owned artisan ice cream brand Art Cream has launched out of Pennsylvania, soon to be found at retailers in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Washington, DC, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

The line includes nine flavors made from certified organic milk and cream--Indonesian Honey Vanilla, Chocolate, Cardamom, Saffron Honey, Lemon, Caramel Praline Pecan, Ginger, Gluten Free Cookies & Cream, Coffee and Bourbon Honey Pecan.

Luciano Vitali Alves, owner of Art Cream, said, "Launching an ice cream brand is a passion project of mine. The love of making others happy through ice cream is one I inherited from my mother and I hope to pass to my son as he grows."

Ben & Jerry’s Pucker Upper sorbet


A special summer launch from Ben & Jerry’s is a rare product for the ice cream brand: sorbet. Pucker Upper will be available at Scoop Shop locations and pints for a limited time.

“Pucker Upper is a raspberry sorbet with an extra tart lemonade swirl which features sour sugar bits, a completely new ingredient, custom-designed for this Ben & Jerry's flavor,”​ Ben & Jerry’s said.

Laura Essaid, Ben & Jerry's Associate Brand Manager, said "After 13 years with the company, I don't think I've ever seen a flavor quite like this. It's a perfect flavor for summer with a balance of sweet and sour, while light, fruity and refreshing.”

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