Yough! is a Greek yogurt-based pizza dough inspired by the 2-ingredient trend

By Teodora Lyubomirova

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The Mozzarella Cheese flavor offers 32g of protein per pizza. Image: Yough!
The Mozzarella Cheese flavor offers 32g of protein per pizza. Image: Yough!

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A food company that claims to have launched the first frozen pizza dough made with Greek yogurt in the US, is banking on consumer interest in healthy foods whilst offering better-for-you indulgence.

Two-ingredient pizza dough isn't a novel concept for homemade pizza enthusiasts, but consumers would be hard-pressed to find commercially-available dough that contain such limited number of ingredients. Yough!, a new brand of frozen pizza and dough, has used the trend as an inspiration to concoct its Greek yogurt-based dough – which provides postbiotics, 30g of protein and under 500 calories.

There also two pizza flavors – uncured turkey pepperoni (540 calories and 42g of protein per 10” pizza) and mozzarella cheese (490 calories and 32g of protein) as well as a ‘naked’ option with no toppings.

The frozen dough roll is sold in 300g packs and makes one pizza. Image: Yough!

“The idea for Yough! was born out of our desire to create healthier comfort foods that actually tasted good,” the company’s founders told us. “At the time, we were facing various health conditions and were under strict doctor’s orders to give up some of our favorite indulgences, including pizza. However, we knew that there had to be a way to enjoy delicious comfort foods without compromising health."

The team came across the 2-ingredient dough trend, which involved using a mixture of Greek yogurt and flour. "After experimenting with cleaner and more wholesome ingredients, we found that Greek yogurt not only improved the nutritional profile of the dough but was also delicious. It offers a pizza option that is lower in calories, higher in protein, and gut-friendly, while still tasting amazing, unlike other pizza alternatives.”

The company is using conventional non-fat strained cultured Greek yogurt supplied by a co-op of local farmer-owners based out of Westby, WI. “Our supplier is part of the FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsibility Management) program, as it's extremely important to our business to utilize a supply chain that is value driven and focused on integrity,” the company spokesperson told us.

The yogurt is mixed in with organic wheat flour and aluminum-free baking powder, ‘as the conventional method with bleached flour seemed less ideal’, the spokesperson explained. “We took inspiration from the breads in Italy and Europe, known for being gentler on the stomach, and utilized our organic wheat flour and postbiotics from Greek yogurt to further enhance this experience. Expanding on this concept, we aimed to create frozen pizzas and dough that are not only flavorful but also beneficial for our bodies.”

“Our yogurt-based dough contains gut-friendly postbiotics, which are produced by the fermentation of probiotics in the gut. These postbiotics may support digestion, boost the immune system, and offer anti-inflammatory benefits.” – Yough!

Compared to traditional pizza dough, Yough! is a lower-calorie alternative, making it ideal for those looking to indulge, but also for the health-conscious shopper. “Throughout our market research, we discovered a growing demand for healthier food options without compromising on taste,” the company spokesperson told us.

Meanwhile, Greek yogurt’s creaminess means less flour is added to the ideal mix compared to traditional alternatives. “The great thing about Greek yogurt is that its thicker consistency and the moisture it provides allows for less flour than traditional doughs,” the Yough! spokesperson said. “The consistency also improves the texture of the crust, keeping the right amount of moisture, while still providing the crisp that people expect in a pizza. Not to mention, it’s packed with postbiotics and protein you can’t find in regular dough alone.”

Of the flavor and texture, we were told the dough ‘bakes into a light, airy, and ridiculously crispy crust’. “The result is a pizza crust that is not only flavorful but has the perfect crunch once you bite into it. We’ve found the tang from the yogurt really amplifies the taste of the entire pizza.”

The Uncured Turkey Pepperoni. Image: Yough!

Besides pizza, the dough can be used to make bagels, soft pretzels, or cinnamon rolls.

Yough! is currently sold exclusively through the company’s e-commerce portal and the range is priced from $9.99 for the dough roll (10.6oz/300g pack) to $16.99 for the turkey pepperoni (11.2oz/318g), though a portion of the profits go to charity. There’s also a $9.99 delivery fee and delivery can range between 1-8 days depending on location.

Asked about the high price tag, the company suggested it considered the products to be premium, 'but not inaccessible to everyday people': "We wanted to make it easier for customers to have Greek Yogurt-based pizza at home without having to make a mess on their own. For a bit more money and a lot less energy, customers can have a higher quality, better-for-you option."

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