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NZ infant formula exporters have ' undertake' to meet Chinese standards

Some New Zealand infant formula manufacturers and brand-owners could be temporarily blocked from exporting to China if they are unable to meet the requirements of a new register by May 1.

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Australia experiencing Danone Nutricia infant formula shortage

Karicare and Aptamil brand infant formula products are in short supply in Australia for the second time in just over a year, as manufacturer Nutricia Australia New Zealand (Nutricia ANZ) struggles to keep up with increasing demand.

Chobani secures $750m investment to fund expansion, innovation plans

Greek yogurt maker Chobani has secured a $750m investment from private equity firm TPG Capital and its dedicated credit platform TPG Opportunities Partners to help fund its expansion and innovation plans.

What food would look like in luxury packaging

Milk by apple, flour by Prada, coffee by Cartier

An award-winning artist and designer has created an art exhibition showing people what food and drink would look like in luxury branded packaging.

Unilever hints at offloading Ragu and SlimFast brands as food sales fall short

Food and consumer goods giant Unilever has hinted at the sale of brands including Ragu and SlimFast as growth from its food business struggles to compete with better-than-expected Q1 results in other divisions.

Indian government urged to probe Nutricia India doctor bribery allegations

The Indian government has been urged to investigate claims that infant formula manufacturer Nutricia India, a subsidiary of the Danone Group, approved illegal payments by its employees to doctors.

North Korean Emmental production training reports 'not true': French college

French training institute the National Dairy Industry College (ENIL) has rubbished reports it has agreed to school a North Korean delegation on the art of cheese making.

British wholesaler fined £15k for illegally repackaging milk powder

A wholesaler who illegally repackaged powdered milk has been slapped with a fine of more than £15,000 ($25,200, €18,300) by a British court.

Gravity-free probiotics

Space…The final frontier for Yakult probiotics? 6-year study confirmed

Probiotic pioneer Yakult’s little bottles are to feature in a 6-year, gravity-free study at the International Space Station (ISS).

Cry baby blues: L reuteri probiotic not backed for Colic

A study involving 167 breastfed and probiotic formula fed ‘excessive crying’ infants has found no benefits for the formula-fed ones, even though other studies showed probiotics could reduce the malady.

Global Industry News

Study links microbial imbalance with breast cancer from

Microbiota could play a role in the development of breast cancer, according to new research.

Special edition: Sports nutrition

Expert founds company with goal to fill in data gaps on sports nutrition for women from

When formulating sports nutrition products for women, is the concept to merely give them a little bit less of what you’d give a presumably much heavier man under similar circumstances?  Or are a female athlete’s needs subtly different? No one really knows, says a deeply frustrated expert.

Berry Plastics film keeps edibles high and dry from

Berry Plastics has engineered a nine-layer film material to protect cereals and snacks against moisture, reportedly with a lighter weight than conventional films.

Special edition: Sports Nutrition

Ban yohimbe just like ephedra, says EU sports nutrition sector from

EFSA last year concluded the safety profile of herbal stimulant yohimbe is inconclusive. Ban it anyway, says the chair of the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) in this guest article.


Banning chocolate milk sees drop in pupil's dairy intake

Banning chocolate milk sees drop in pupil's dairy intake

Banning chocolate milk from schools may reduce overall milk consumption and increase waste, a US study suggests. ...

High blood pressure? Eat Norwegian cheese, says study

High blood pressure? Eat Norwegian cheese, says study

Consumption of Gamalost, a traditional Norwegian cheese, may reduce blood pressure, researchers claim.

Infrastructure needs to keep up with India’s dairy production gains

Infrastructure needs to keep up with India’s dairy production gains

Milk production in the world’s biggest dairy producing country continues to grow quickly, with India seeing an...

Japan to get vegetable-flavoured ice cream tubs from Häagen-Dazs

Japan to get vegetable-flavoured ice cream tubs from Häagen-Dazs

Häagen-Dazs is calling on Japanese consumers to eat their vegetables after announcing the launch in May of...

Carton Council: Partnerships boost carton recycling

Carton Council: Partnerships boost carton recycling

Tetra Pak says partnering on recycling efforts with cities, and producers like WhiteWave Foods, benefits the food/beverage...

Carton recycling access grows by 1m US households

Carton recycling access grows by 1m US households

Just in time for Earth Day, the Carton Council of North America has announced the number of...

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