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Deficiencies found in FVO Italian milk audit

Official controls of Italian milk products were praised but deficiencies in establishment reports are often overlooked and there is ‘very little’ effective follow-up, according to a Food and Veterinary Office...

EFSA revaluates novel synthetic oligosaccharides: ‘May cause mild gastrointestinal symptoms’

Doses of lacto-N-neotetraose and 2'‑O-fucosyllactose in foods and supplements for children aged 1-10 years could mean intakes linked to mild gastrointestinal symptoms in adults, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said...

Growing demand and low cost leaves milk prone to adulteration: Study

Increasing global demand and the relatively low cost of milk has left it prone to "massive levels of fraudulent activity," says a study.

South African population to increase by 7 million by 2050

Eagle Product Inspection strengthens its market position in Africa

Eagle Product Inspection has partnered with J-Pak, in Africa, to distribute its x-ray inspection systems for applications including bakery, dairy, snacks, confectionery, cereals and grains.

Mérieux NutriSciences becomes Danone’s partner for food safety testing

Mérieux NutriSciences has become Danone’s partner for routine food safety testing worldwide.

ACCC looks to reauthorize voluntary Australia infant formula marketing code

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has proposed to reauthorize a voluntary code that prohibits the advertising and promotion of infant formula in the country.

Raw milk bottling restarts at Idaho dairy after Campylobacter, E.coli scare

Operations at Natural Farm Fresh Dairy in Idaho have recommenced after officials probing a link between raw milk and a number of illnesses gave it the all-clear. 


Milk scandal raises questions over China's new food safety law

Another dairy scandal has raged across Chinese media over the last month, overshadowing the introduction of China’s much-touted new food safety law and casting further doubts over the government’s ability to bring...

CDC: 30 sickened and three deaths linked to Listeria from cheese

An outbreak investigation into Listeriosis linked to soft cheeses has been declared over after 30 people were reported ill.

Imported dairy to be 'significantly impacted' by draft Chinese e-commerce law

China is tightening legislation surrounding cross border e-commerce (CBEC) - a move expected to “significantly impact" imported dairy brands.

Ireland dairy sector controls are ‘well organised’ - FVO

The Irish control system of the dairy sector is ‘well organised’, according to the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) following an audit.

CDFA lifts Organic Pastures raw milk quarantine after further Campylobacter tests

Quarantined Organic Pastures Dairy brand raw whole milk will be back on shelves in California within 48 hours, the company has announced. 

WHO alerted to potential NZ infant formula promotion breach in Cambodia

Concerns have been raised about the promotion practices employed by the Cambodian distributor of New Zealand infant formula brand Bibere.

Control measures for raw milk ‘not sufficient’ to prevent illness

Current control measures for raw milk production are not sufficient to prevent illness, according to a review of an outbreak of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis (YP) last year.

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German start-up wins EU probiotic novel foods approval

German SME Avitop has won EU novel foods approval for its proprietary probiotic strain Bacteroides xylanisolvens DSM 23964 it is calling Avi-1.

Trans Pacific Partnership conclusion on dairy 'far from perfect,' says Fonterra

Fonterra has blamed the "entrenched protectionism" of the US dairy sector for the "far from perfect" conclusion to Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. 

Unboiled milk and homemade soft cheese link in Bulgarian brucellosis illnesses

Brucellosis remains a serious challenge for countries around Bulgaria and more cases could occur if prevention measures are not followed, according to a report on an ongoing outbreak.

Huishan Dairy 'taking legal advice' after Chinese milk safety alert withdrawn

Chinese dairy Huishan is "taking legal advice" after the withdrawal of a food safety alert relating to a batch of its fresh milk. 

Finland set to scrap tax on sweets and ice cream

The Finnish government has said a tax on sweets and ice cream in the country will be scrapped at the start of 2017 after the European Commission said the tax...

Far East digest

New policy will wipe out 80% of infant formula produced in China

China’s tough new “one brand, one formulation” policy for its infant formula market will eliminate over 80% of domestic products currently on sale, according to government calculations.

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Yakult wins Swiss probiotic health claim

Yakult has joined fellow probiotic giant Danone in winning health claims for its probiotic yoghurt drinks in Switzerland.


EC measures 'being prepared' to address low retail milk prices across Europe

The European Commission (EC) is working on measures to combat low retail milk prices across Europe, IDF World Dairy Summit attendees heard.

Listeria sickens 24 and kills one in outbreak with soft cheese link

An outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes infections linked to cheese is being investigated with the first case from five years ago.

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Ireland and China to co-operate on food safety

China and Ireland signed an agreement on food safety this week.

Hiperbaric to install HPP system at Cornell University

A Hiperbaric high pressure processing (HPP) machine will be installed at Cornell University thanks to State funding.

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