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Tetra Pak to build worldwide sales for Valio lactose free milk

Finnish dairy firm Valio has joined up with Tetra Pak to market its production technology for lactose-free milk outside its home market.

Spreads market boosted by 'healthy' launches

The market for fats and spreads in Asia Pacific is evolving rapidly, with increasing numbers of launches concentrating on the low fat and fortified products. The latest look at the...

Scientists create healthy edible packaging

US scientists have designed an edible film made from natural ingredients that protects foods coated in the material from spoiling. The film can also hold vitamins and other nutrients within...

Isolated soy protein may help diabetes sufferers

Adding isolated soy protein to men's diets could help reduce problems experienced in the advanced stages of type two diabetes, according to a small study by researchers at the University...

Health brings new openings for cocoa milk?

There could be growing opportunities for makers of chocolate milk in health positionings, in particular in the Nordic countries. Danes, for example, are consuming more of this product than ever...

Isoflavones for bone health depends on other factors

Factors such as a women's weight or calcium intake may play a vital role in the extent to which soy isoflavones can improve bone health among postmenopausal women, suggests new...

Soy isoflavones show no impact on health in older women

The increasingly popular supplements of soy isoflavones do not seem to help lower cholesterol, improve bone mineral density or benefit brain function after menopause, new research suggests.

Investigation of health claims on milk

A new trial will test whether a milk marketed as healthier than most others available does indeed lower cholesterol.

Role of calcium in bone building less than exercise

Exercise is more influential than calcium intake in determining bone strength in young women, say US researchers, who found that daily calcium intake had no significant impact on bone gain...

Health claim for Skane cholesterol-lowering cheese

Sweden's voluntary health claims code has approved a claim for a cholesterol-lowering cheese made by dairy firm Skanemejerier.

Mothers' milk protein linked to obesity risk

Human milk has long been thought to have an effect on reducing the likelihood of obesity among adults, but scientists have struggled to say exactly why this is the case...

New research bridges calcium-obesity link?

The dairy industry has been eagerly promoting trials showing that the calcium in milk products can prevent obesity but, writes Dominique Patton, several gaps in the evidence mean that dietary...

Calcium - a new tool for obesity?

The Danish Dairy Research Foundation, will present their findings on calcium's affect on body weight in the Annual meeting of th Danish Nutrition Society this month. A substantial amount of...

Healthy Belgium proves good launchpad for new probiotic applications

Valio is to launch its probiotic cheese in Belgium, the first country outside its home market, where cheese is a fast-growing new application area for the health-promoting bacteria, writes Dominique...

Raisio strengthens R&D for new health strategy

Finland's Raisio Group is boosting its R&D capabilities as it seeks to turn itself into a major player in functional and health foods and food diagnostics.

Dairy health benefits questioned

Nurses in the UK are calling for an educational campaign outlining the health risks of dairy foods. Researchers from Imperial College London believe that in an attempt to increase yield,...

Healthy cow, healthy milk, and smoother butter

A diet of rapeseed oil fed to dairy cows can produce healthier milk and butter to beat their artery-clogging equivalents, find British scientists, signalling future gains for suppliers of ingredients...

Dairy may fight obesity

There has been an increase in health conscious consumers in recent times and as a result products that make health claims (functional foods) have been driving the dairy sector's growth....

Kid's bones drink up milk

The link between milk and bone health forms the focus of a new study on children that showed a regular glass of the white stuff can prevent fractures.

Organic milk - a health conscious alternative

A new study has revealed that organic milk has more health benefits than previously predicted. The findings show that organic milk has higher Omega fatty acid content than conventional milk....

Valio's lactose-free product reaches Switzerland

Dairy innovator Valio has extended its lactose-free milk drink to Switzerland through its first licensing agreement for the technology with the Swiss firm Emmi.

Emmi lauches lactose-free milk

The dairy group Emmi has launched a new lactose-free milk drink. The move illustrates the growing concern over lactose-intolerance and the consequences it holds for the dairy industry.

Sweetened milk healthier than soda alternatives

Adolescents who consume soft drinks are being deprived of nutrients that are essential for growth and development. A new study has revealed that milk drinks, even those with added sugars'...

Emerging markets and health lift Danisco H1 results

Set against the backdrop of difficult trading conditions for branded food manufacturers, raw material prices and a negative currency impact played down first half figures for ingredients giant Danisco.

Milking genetics for healthier foods

A new international research consortium to study the 'milk genome' could help researchers learn how to develop many of the healthy compounds found in milk.

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